The new head of the VEB Bank has announced the preparation of a unique business model

“We looked at different development banks, each one is unique: for example, the development Bank of Brazil Ponderosa at the expense of pension funds in China — at the expense of special funds, none of them in its pure form will not work in Russia,” Gorkov said at a briefing on Tuesday 5 April.

Gorkov underlined that he does not advocate working with a banking license, because under banking license no one of development banks in the world.

The current model VEB he called the unemployed: “we had market funding is high stakes, and the web needs to invest in nizkodohodnye long projects. This was an unbalanced model.” According to Gor, in the end, in the portfolio of VEB 50% non-performing assets. A significant number nerabotay assets relates to the forest industry, she oversaw Ilgiz Valitov, who was arrested in the case of “Evrodona”.

According to Gor, this year, the VEB will not face liquidity problems.

According to Gor, VEB has two daughters who are of value to him: “VEB Leasing” and Prominvestbank (Ukraine).). “In respect of the Prominvestbank decided to take him out of troubled banks, we will be able to apply for a loan”, said Gorkov. According to him, the Bank in the long term will be to consider the possibility of leaving Ukraine.

Regarding the “VEB Leasing” Gorkov said that its leader Mikhail Solovyov is being treated in Switzerland. “The situation is under control, VEB leasing will have a separate payment in the near future”, — he said.

The fate of Sviaz-Bank and Globex not resolved, examines four different scenarios, said Gorkov.