The Russians have called sufficient for “normal life” family income

The average Russian family from three persons per month for “normal life” need to 72.7 thousand rubles evidenced by the data of research holding “ROMIR” is based on a survey of 1.5 thousand people over the age of 18 living in urban and rural areas in all regions of the country.

Respondents were asked to answer the question “how much money should a family of three people living in their locality, for “normal life”? More than half (56%) of respondents said they are willing to settle for a family on a budget in the range of from 45 to 90 thousand rubles. thousand rubles. Almost one-fifth (18%) ready to spend a month 20-45 thousand roubles, While almost every fourth (36%) replied that they are for “normal life” need 90-120 thousand rubles and more.

Average of 72.7 thousand RUB 5.5% more than last year, notes “ROMIR”. According to the researchers, this suggests that in the current year compared to 2015, the Russians increased their physical needs, but the increased appetite was two times less than the annual inflation rate, which was 12.9%.

For the first time in several years of observations desired the incomes of Russians and their average real income calculated on the basis of the data of Rosstat, practically coincided. According to Rosstat, the average wage of Russians is in 2016 to 72.4 thousand rubles, so the difference is only 300 rubles.

Lower material requirements for the second year in a row demonstrate women that can say that it is easier for them to take the path of austerity, the researchers note. Young people up to 24 years, “Pogranichnaya” last year, this time increased their requests for “normal life” to 77.6 thousand rubles., adds “ROMIR”.

With regard to the division of appetites of Russians on a geographic basis, the requests of the representatives of the Volga region and southern regions of Russia almost a quarter exceed the average real income in these regions. Residents of cities traditionally have higher requests to their income, and the moderate wishes to salary this year was expressed by residents of cities with population from 500 thousand to 1 million people.