The summit Medvedev cancelled because of the conflict in Karabakh

The visit of Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev to Yerevan was announced on the website of the Russian government on March 24. The report said that on April 7-8, Dmitry Medvedev will visit Armenia, where he will participate in the meeting of the Eurasian intergovernmental Council (the governing body of the Eurasian economic Union), and will also hold talks with the Armenian leadership. During negotiations it is planned to examine the state and prospects of bilateral cooperation in trade-economic, investment, energy, industrial, cultural, humanitarian and other fields, said in the press service of Medvedev.

As told two people in the Russian government, Medvedev’s trip to Yerevan cancelled, although the advance team preparing the visit of the Prime Minister, has already been sent to Yerevan. According to one of them, the cancellation of the meeting in Yerevan was due to the fact that during aggravation of the conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia the visit of the Russian Prime Minister could be regarded as support for one of the parties to the conflict. Members of the Russian delegation, which was preparing to fly to the Armenian capital, has already warned that plans change, says one of the interlocutors.

Information about the cancellation of the summit confirmed a diplomatic source in one of the member countries of the EAEU. According to him, the meeting is postponed to a later date.

On the eve of the cancellation of the summit in Yerevan, the press Secretary of the Russian Prime Minister Natalya Timakova was limited to a message that Moscow is waiting for the official decision of the EEU, currently chaired by Kazakhstan. The representative of the press service of the Eurasian economic Commission reported that at the moment no information about a possible postponement of the summit no. To contact the press service of the government of Kazakhastan failed. At the Russian Embassy in Armenia to quickly comment on a situation could not.

The Eurasian intergovernmental Council composed of the heads of governments of member States of the EEU: Armenia, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan. Meetings are held at least twice a year. The decision to hold the summit in Yerevan Prime Ministers adopted in September of last year at their summit in the Belarusian city of Grodno.

On Saturday, when the intensification of the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh, Russian President Vladimir Putin called on all parties to show restraint. The Ministers of foreign Affairs and defence of Russia Sergey Lavrov and Sergei Shoigu held a series of talks with their counterparts in Yerevan and Baku. April 4, Lavrov discussed the situation in Nagorno-Karabakh with Secretary of state John Kerry, they said there is no military solution to the conflict. 5 April in Vienna meeting of the OSCE Minsk group on settlement of the conflict.

On Tuesday, the parties to the conflict announced its readiness for a truce. The Azerbaijani defense Ministry announced the cessation of hostilities on the contact line in the conflict zone in Nagorno-Karabakh. “According to the Ministry of defence, from 12:00 April 5 at the contact line of Azerbaijani-Armenian forces was suspended transaction, with the consent of the parties,” the statement of Azerbaijani defense Ministry. Earlier Tuesday, a spokesman for the defense Ministry of the unrecognized Nagorno-Karabakh Republic (NKR) Senor Hasratyan said that the defense army of the Republic received the order to cease fire. This information he confirmed to Reuters.