The tax authorities asked to check the “New” after the investigation about the offshore

Member of the Public chamber (OP) Artem Kiryanov has addressed to the head of the Federal tax service (FTS) Mikhail Mishustin to check the edition of “Novaya Gazeta” to pay their taxes with funds from foreign grants and the use of possible mechanisms for cash withdrawal when carrying out investigative journalism. About this Kiryanov said in his Facebook and put a photo of the treatment.

In it he pointed out that “Novaya Gazeta” is the only partner of the Center for the study of corruption and organized crime (OCCRP), an organization that, together with the International consortium of investigative journalists (ICIJ) published April 3 investigations about the offshore world leaders, politicians and businessmen, including the “inner circle” of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“According to tax returns only in 2012-2013 OCCRP to support investigative journalism in Russia and the CIS countries were sent at least $326 million In 2015, officials OCCRP initiated in the large number of publications, which described the Magnitsky case, corruption in the RFU, the withdrawal from Russia of large sums of money”, — the statement says Kiryanov head of the Federal tax service.

According to member OP, “the specificity of so-called journalistic “investigations” often making direct bribery of speakers, buying information with cash, the financial podderjkoi a pool of experts and non-profit organizations”. In this regard, said Kiryanov, “possible use of firms-somethings ephemeral clay for the withdrawal of funds received under the grant projects, including from abroad”.

April 3, ICIJ and OCCRP published the results of extensive investigations about the offshore world leaders, politicians and “celebrities” in Panama and the British virgin Islands, which were received as a result of the leak of the documents of Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca, which renders services on registration of offshore companies. On the same day “the New newspaper” has published detailed stories about offshore accounts of Russian politicians, based on these documents.

In the article “Novaya Gazeta” was said 12 officials of Russia, whose family had an offshore account abroad. However, according to the journalists, many offshore companies were left after the ban on possession.