The U.S. justice Department will launch a program to combat corruption in other countries

The Department of fight against fraud of the Ministry of justice of the USA will launch a new program aimed at combating foreign corruption, reports Reuters referring to the statement of the Ministry.

According to the Agency, the statement of the Ministry of justice are not given the details of the new program. The Agency reported that later will hold a press conference at which the new program will be reviewed in light of existing U.S. law on combating corruption abroad

Before the press-Secretary of the U.S. Department of justice announced that the Agency will check the documents of Panamanian company Mossack Fonseca, which formed the basis of the previously published material of the International consortium of investigative journalists (ICIJ) on offshore companies.

According to the Agency, the Ministry of justice will check these in the investigation of documents to determine whether they contain evidence of corruption, the defendants which may be prosecuted in the United States.

The ICIJ investigation has alleged that the Panama Mossack Fonseca has been creating shell companies and corporate structures to conceal the ultimate beneficiaries of the assets. In the investigation mentioned offshore companies, allegedly associated with dozens of public figures, politicians and celebrities around the world. In the investigation, in particular, it was reported that the people “from the inner circle” of Russian President Vladimir Putin was transferred through offshore companies at least $2 billion. in addition, reporters wrote that he found the offshore accounts abroad 12 officials of Russia. According to journalists, many of them offshore remained after the ban on their possession.

A division of the US Treasury Department responsible for sanctions, OFAC, declined to comment on specific findings of the international investigative journalists, but the representative of the Department in response to questions emphasized that “the U.S. government pays special attention to the investigation of possible illegal actions and activities to circumvent sanctions using any sources of information both public and non-public”.

“If we capture the violation of sanctions and we have evidence to build a legal framework, we act in accordance with the interests of national security and foreign policy of the United States,” — said the representative of the U.S. Treasury.