“VKontakte” changed the design for the first time in ten years

From 1 April a new design of “Vkontakte” became available to the first million users who wanted to participate in the testing, said the representative of the social network Yevhen Krasnikov. According to him, in the coming months this feature will get the rest of the users. During the test period, they will be able to “revert to the old version of the site,” said Krasnikov. When you are finished with the test period, he said.

About the redesign of the website also reported operating officer VK Andrey Rogozov in the official blog of social networks (“Vkontakte” resumed the blog that led to 2012). “Less than ten years, as we present a new design,” he wrote. According to him, the work on the project was carried out over the past year and a half.

The main principle of the new design “Vkontakte” — on all devices it looks like and recognizable, the report said. The developers have increased the screen width and fonts, writes Rogozov. Updated left menu: names of the items became smaller, there are additional icons, sections “news” and “messages” are now located upstairs. “VKontakte” calls them the most popular. Under the menu by increasing the width of the screen and increased the size of advertising banners.

Among other changes — the ability to customize the news feed by showing or news in a chronological order, or with the option “first”. Unread messages will now be marked with a blue dot and the user’s status “online” in green. There is a new “notifications” section in which we will collect likes, request for adding friends, mentions, friends ‘ birthdays and other events, said in a blog social network.

Comments under the photographs will be placed on the right instead of the bottom: no need to scroll the screen to read them, explains the convenience Rogozov.

Previous revisions of the design and functionality of “Vkontakte” aroused heated discussion users. In August 2010 the developers turn off “the wall”, which was replaced by the mode of microblog. On your own “wall”, the user can respond, for example, on the status of another user, but couldn’t like or leave comments on the wall of friends from your contact list. Following the launch of the microblog user is given the opportunity to comment on the status of your friend on his page and like his records.

That the social network will change its appearance, the General Director of “Vkontakte” Boris Dobrodeyev has told in interview to the newspaper “Kommersant” at the end of March 2016. “VK always distinguished the quality of the product — simplicity, efficiency and aesthetics of use all provided services, this is a direct contribution of the team and founder of the project Pavel Durov” — he said. Also, I noted that the upcoming redesign “is intended only to conform to the spirit of the time”. We are talking about fine tuning for wide screens, said the Dobrodeyev.