“Auchan” will deliver confectionery from Russia to Italy

French retailer “Auchan” in the coming months will begin shipping made in Russia goods under own trade marks (OTM) in Italy, told TASS the head on external communications “Ashan Russia” Maria Kurnosova. We are still talking about small test shipments of chocolate and sweets, said Kurnosova . All 16 items that “Auchan” is going to export, are produced under private labels of a retailer “Sweet island”, “Every day” and “Our meal”. These products produce confectionery “Golden Rus” from the Tula region, “commitment to quality” from the Ryazan region, “Merletto” from the Lipetsk region, “Confectionery concern “Montenegrin” from the Republic of Khakassia, she said. Delivery will be carried out in Italian stores of the Auchan group.

“Recently we participated in the international exhibition, where we presented our partners with goods produced in Russia, says Kurnosova. — Italian partners loved our product line”. In a conversation with TASS, she also noted that, for example, cod liver has attracted interest from partners from France, maybe the company will start to export products from Russia to other countries.

Now 370 of the Russian manufacturers for “Auchan” 2.6 thousand of products under own brands of the retailer. Retail chains are gradually able to “teach” the buyer to own the trademarks, Kurnosova said in February: “Consumers have more trust in private label products, which confirms the growth in sales,” she said. So, if in 2014 the share of goods under private labels of “Auchan” in the range of $ 16,88%, in 2015 it has increased to 20.4%. Within two years, according to Kurnosova, it is planned to increase the number of STM to 5.3 thousand names. In the back of “Auchan” market share is about 10-12%, said in October of 2015 “Vedomosti”, the General Director of “Auchan Russia” Wilhelm Hubner.

“The decision to export products is not surprising: the cost of production and the cost of Russian products is now much lower than in Europe, — says the Chairman of the Board of the Association of experts of the retail market Andrey Karpov. — Besides, perhaps, the Russian “Auchan” this will reduce logistics costs: the company still carries us to Russia goods from Europe, why not download the transport for return shipments to Europe”.

With regard to changes in currency exchange rates of some foreign network begin to think about food deliveries from Russia, confirms Director of development Association of manufacturers and suppliers of food products “Rusprodsoyuz” Dmitry Vostrikov. However, Kurnosova says that the decision to supply in Italy not attributable to the devaluation of the ruble: “Perhaps this is an indirect factor, but he’s not key,” she said.

Due to the devaluation of the ruble, the growth of exports of certain product categories from Russia in 2015 amounted to 3400%, wrote in March .