Find media communications Deputy interior Minister with a business online cinema Nemo TV

During the investigation of the International consortium of investigative journalism (ICIJ) “Novaya Gazeta”, who was the project partner in Russia, found that the current Deputy Minister of internal Affairs of Russia Alexander Maganov with partner Dmitry Karjakin started the company Nortwest Management Inc. in the virgin Islands. It happened in may 2012, i.e. six months before the arrival Mahonova in the civil service. Through a chain of offshore companies Nortwest Management Inc. owns shares in the company Nemo Telecom, which provides services to users of online TV TV Nemo.

Since 2013, the Russian civil servants are prohibited from participating in business operations abroad and have accounts abroad, according to the investigation. “Novaya Gazeta” has found indirect evidence that Magonov remained a shareholder of the offshore company Nortwest Management and in 2013. In the documents of Panamanian Registrar of offshore companies Mossack Fonseca (MF), who analyzed the journalists, there is a screenshot of an extract from the register of Directors and shareholders of the company Nortwest Management, which is “apparently” created on 13 August 2013, the newspaper said. In this document Magonov, at that time already worked in the Ministry of internal Affairs, specified as a 50% owner of the offshore company.

In addition, since the registration Nortwest Management in may 2012 the publication did not manage to find the MF documents about the change of ownership of the company, although typically such information about the companies-the clients of MF are reflected in its base.

Nemo TV accepts payments from subscribers with the help of Russian agent, “digital Commerce”. And consoles Nemo HD Box through which you can connect to Nemo TV, Russia distributes distributor “N trading”. According to the newspaper, co-owner of both companies through foreign offshore is also Nortwest Management.

According to base “SPARK-Interfax”, “digital Commerce” was registered in March 2012 with registered capital of 300 thousand rubles, its financial performance is unknown, and the sole owner is the company “Vector digital”. In 2014, revenues “Vector digital” amounted to 236 million rubles, profit — 12 million rbl. the company controls the Virginia offshore Blue Oceans Premier Management. Its owner via four offshore is Nortwest Management, writes “Novaya Gazeta”. Company “H trading”, according to SPARK, also owns Premier Blue Oceans Management. The company was registered in December of 2013, in 2014, its revenues amounted to 6 million rubles., the loss was 23.6 mln.

Ultimate TV is a co-owner of Nemo Nortwest Management, was confirmed by the Director Nemo Telecom Dmitry Karyakin. Magonov really was a Telecom shareholder Nemo through Nortwest Management, but has ceased to be on September 24, 2012, said Karyakin. Magonov started working in the Ministry of internal Affairs in November 2012 from the post of chief of the Department of information technology, communications and information protection said on its website. According to Adams, business Nemo Telecom “is in no way associated with the activities of the Ministry of internal Affairs, the state order, the company never attracted public loans and investments and did not seek state support”.

The representative of the Ministry of internal Affairs told “Novaya Gazeta” that Magonov “had no relation to the economic activities of offshore entities” at the time of admission to the civil service, also “competent authorities” not found “violations of procedure of granting of declarations” on the part Mahonova.

the press service of the Ministry of internal Affairs confirmed this information and said that Magonov and his family “are not shareholders of foreign offshore companies and not received in this regard any income from their commercial activities”.

Nemo TV video service was established in 2012, and in the Russian market launched in 2014. he started to Develop, when Magonov in 2012 became a shareholder Nortwest Management, writes “Novaya Gazeta”. According to the company, the project investment amounted to $20 million, the service works in 12 countries of the CIS, he’s 800 thousand users. Nemo TV deals with OTT (Over the top — the network of any Internet service provider) and allows users to watch TV and movies. And Nemo Telecom and “digital Commerce” and serve Russian online cinema Amediateka, the newspaper writes. Nemo on the TV in addition to TV and video you can subscribe and access a collection of Amediateka. Representatives of online theatre has not responded to the request .