Gas production “Gazprom” in March fell by 6%

Gas production “Gazprom” in March fell by 6%

Moscow. April 4. Gas production “Gazprom” in March amounted to 34.8 billion cubic meters, a decrease relative to the index of March 2015 (36,965 billion cubic meters) 5.7%, according to calculations based on the operational statistics CDU TEK.

This is the most significant drop in the production of “Gazprom” not only with the beginning of the year, but for the last 9 months – deeper the fall was only in may 2015 (minus 18%).

The success of “Gazprom” on export front in March (+1.6 billion cubic meters) were completely offset by lower supplies to the Russian market, and the reduction of deliveries to the CIS market has determined the decline in production.

For the first quarter “Gazprom” has produced 112.8 billion cubic meters of gas, 3.5 billion cubic meters lower than in January-March 2015 (116,310 billion cubic meters).

Gazprom last year sharply reduced the amount of information disclosed about the gas market in the country. In the monthly summary CDU TEK production largest gas company of the world hid in a basket of “other subsoil users”. In these circumstances, the experts independently calculated data on the extraction of “Gazprom” on the basis of sectoral statistics.