Minsk apologized to “Gazprom” for inclusion in the list of debtors

The Ministry for taxes and levies of Belarus apologized to Gazprom after the website was published information about the debts of the Russian holding company, the Belarusian budget. The apology published on the Agency’s website.

The report notes that the tax office of the Minsk region made a “mistake” in the formation of the information on debtors on payments in the budget. “I hope that these actions of the inspectors did not damage business reputation of the payer”, — noted the Belarusian Ministry.

Erroneous data removed from the website of the Department, said the Ministry. According to the Belarusian edition of “Diary” on the website of the Ministry for taxes and levies of Belarus has been placed information, from which it followed that “Gazprom” has headed the list of non-state companies of Minsk oblast, the Belarusian budget arrears as of March 1, 2016.

In “Gazprom” refused to comment on this information. The company “Gazprom transgaz Belarus”, which is 100% owned by Gazprom, the Agency Sputnik on Wednesday morning reported that deal with the situation. “While we do not understand why this happened” — quoted Agency of his companion.