Poroshenko promised to make it impossible to use offshore companies in Ukraine

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said about plans for reform, which will prevent the use of offshore financial centers in the country. He said this during his speech at Japan national press club.

“I plan to introduce reform that will prevent the use of offshore accounts in Ukraine”, — said the head of state.

Commenting on his mention in the publication “the Panama document”, Poroshenko noted that he was “different from other politicians” whose names appear in the investigation. “Usually used offshore accounts to minimize the tax base. This time it was Vice versa,” he said (quoted by “112 Ukraine”).

The Ukrainian President recalled that after assuming office he stated that he trusts his business’s biggest investment Bank Rothschild. “This Bank has not adopted Ukrainian assets, and therefore we have prepared a special structure, where we have translated all assets. They agreed to operate in a blind trust are my main assets to be separated from my political acts during the presidency”, — he explained.

Poroshenko stressed that the Ukrainian media know about the registration of a offshore company registered in his name. “The company had not received a single cent from Ukraine. It was a clear separation of business from the Ukrainian President to avoid political influence”, — concluded the President. He also asked to be attentive to this process, as it contains the details that differ “from cases in Russia, Iceland and around the world.”

On Monday, April 4, Ukrainian President has commented on the scandal with “the Panama papers” that was his name. Poroshenko said that he had moved away from asset management, as President, and handed them over to management consulting companies. He expressed the hope that the administering of its assets will provide in-depth explanations for Ukrainian and international press.”

As stated in the investigation of the International consortium of investigative journalists (ICIJ), Poroshenko is associated with the company Prime Asset Partners Ltd registered in the British virgin Islands. It was noted that in 2014, that is already after his election as President, the structure became the holding company for Ukrainian and Cyprus entities of the Corporation Roshen, owned by Poroshenko. The President of Ukraine specified the sole owner of Prime Assets Ltd, he did not specify the company in its returns for 2014-2015.

Legal counsel Makar Pasenyuk said that Prime Assets Ltd was established to prepare for the sale of assets of the President in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of Ukraine. On the eve of the State fiscal service of Ukraine has announced that it will check the data about the offshore accounts of President Poroshenko.