Stratfor naval national guard insurance in case of Putin’s coup

American intelligence-analytical company Stratfor described the creation of the National guard and the appointment of its head of General Viktor Zolotov as an attempt by President Vladimir Putin to protect themselves from possible disloyalty of other law enforcement agencies, including the Armed forces, “in the event of a coup”.

“Creating a National guard and assigning designs at the head of this power structure, Putin may be seeking to protect his administration from the threat of a coup. This suggests that the head of the Kremlin doubts whether there will be other power structures — FSB, Interior Ministry troops or even the army — loyal to him in the event of a coup. Being the diligent researcher of Russian history, Putin apparently is trying to avoid the threat of insecurity, which is felt by his predecessor [Boris Yeltsin] during the whole of his reign,” — said in the report.

Analysts, referring to publications in the Russian press, said that the attempt to create a National guard was made the first President of Russia Boris Yeltsin, who feared disloyalty of the elite of the FSB, headed the new law enforcement agencies had to get General Alexander Korzhakov, who was then head of the security service of the President. However, the Yeltsin administration, analysts say, not enough strength to create it.

“Putin, like Yeltsin, apparently, intends to create the National guard as his personal army. Without distinctive features, the new guard will be another security Agency, which will share responsibilities with the Ministry of internal Affairs and FSB. The President appointed the head of the national guard commander-in-chief Internal troops of the Ministry of internal Affairs Viktor Zolotov, freeing him from previous roles. Zolotov is a former Putin bodyguard and, reportedly, one of the most trusted persons of the present head of the Kremlin. Just as Korzhakov was Yeltsin. Zolotov is appointed head of the National guard, Putin showed the true nature of this, at first glance excessive, law enforcement agencies”, — concluded American intelligence.

About the creation of the National guard, which is supposed to replace the Internal troops, Putin announced the day before, on 5 April. He later signed a decree appointing commander of the new force structure of General Zolotov, still headed the Interior Ministry troops. Until 2013 Zolotov headed the presidential security Service.

Commenting on the creation of the national guard, the President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov said that the establishment of the new structure is not connected with the crisis of confidence in other law enforcement agencies.

The Duma has already introduced a bill to create a National guard, which spelled out the powers of the new power structure.