The national guard will be allowed to shoot without warning

Old powers

The national guard has the right to use firearms without warning if delay could cost the life of a soldier or anyone nearby citizen, stated in the bill, which President Vladimir Putin on 5 April submitted to the state Duma and on the morning of April 6 appeared in the database of the lower house of Parliament.

In all other cases, troops of the national guard should warn about intention to use the weapon. The same powers now have police officers. Also the national guard in cases of emergency, for example, to reflect attacks or the release of the hostages, can use water cannons and armored vehicles.

National guard troops will be allowed to block the area for suppressing riots, follows from the document. Servicemen of the national guard will be allowed to use physical force, including combat fighting techniques, special means to disperse demonstrations, which have moved into collision, for self-protection and suppression of resistance by the alleged perpetrators.

Among the special funds listed in the bill rubber batons, gas grenades, handcuffs, “light and sound means of distraction” technique to break the barriers and forced stopping of vehicles, and service animals.

Non-lethal weapons are strictly prohibited to pregnant women and children, except in those cases when they offer armed resistance.

Police line soldiers of the national guard will be allowed in the search for the perpetrators escape from custody, in the pursuit of persons suspected of committing crimes during counter-terrorism operations and to liquidation of consequences of the accident.

The document notes that the national guard is entitled to detain suspects of crimes, escaped from a detention facility, persons under investigation, failed suicides and psychiatric patients who escaped from the observation.

Troops of the national guard shall be entitled to prevent crime, check the documents of the citizens, to draw up protocols on administrative offences and to detain citizens for a period of not more than three hours.

To penetrate into the building, the fighters of machardie for rescue of life of citizens, to arrest the alleged perpetrators and punish illegal actions.

In the National guard you can serve the call. Also in the new formation will be able to join the Cossacks. The media will be prohibited to disseminate information about where deployed part of the national guard, according to the bill.

The fight against terrorism

When conducting counter-terrorism operations that the national guard will be able to restrict the movement of vehicles and pedestrians, to seize and use cars to take victims to the hospital or to prosecute alleged offenders, to detain citizens who violate the curfew.

Under the bill the National guard has no investigative functions.

The National guard would overlap with the functions of the FSB, drew the attention of the head of the Moscow professional Union of police officers Michael Pashkin. In the conversation he said that now the fight against terrorism enshrined in law as the prerogative of the FSB.

“Without an investigative function to combat terrorism impossible,” says Pashkin. “If the national guard will only perform power the tasks will put the Ministry of internal Affairs, FSB, customs and other problems should not arise,” added Pasha.

The General-the major of FSB in resignation Vasily Eremenko in conversation with noted that the national guard took over the functions of the internal troops, will conduct substantial operations within the country. “If the FSB is fighting a separate, hidden by terrorists, preparing attacks in the subway or at the station, the new army unit will withstand a large terrorist groups, such as, for example, is prohibited in Russia the ISIL,” says Eremenko in conversation with .

The new structure

About the creation of the National guard, Vladimir Putin announced on 5 April. The head of the new Agency was appointed as the Deputy interior Minister Viktor Zolotov. According to the presidential decree, now officially his title was “Director and commander of the Federal troops of the National guard”. By status, it is equivalent to Federal Minister.

As follows from the presidential decree, the national guard will maintain public order, to fight terrorism and extremism, engage in territorial defense of the country, to protect an important state-owned enterprises and special goods to help FSB at the border, as well as to monitor compliance with legislation in the sphere of trafficking in weapons and in the field of private security.

A source in the presidential administration noted that the national guard would centralize the work of several disparate forces that were still in the structure of the Ministry of internal Affairs. This service will be easier to manage, he added .

The strength of the National guard may be from 350 to 400 thousand people, says “Interfax” with reference to an informed source. “About 200 thousand interior troops and another 150-200 thousand special and police units, as well as the Federal state unitary enterprise “Protection”, — said the Agency interlocutor.

The size and disposition of troops of the National guard is determined by the President, according to the presidential bill.

Internal forces are converted to troops of the national guard. In their composition includes the divisions of SWAT and Riot police, the Center for special purpose rapid reaction force and aviation, private security, in particular, the Center of special purpose of private security of the interior Ministry, interior Ministry units, which are engaged in control over observance of legislation in the sphere of trafficking in weapons and in the field of private security activities, as well as the Federal state unitary enterprise “Protection”, which provides paramilitary and physical protection and the installation and operation of technical means of protection.