The Pentagon chief announced the beginning of cyber war against ISIS

The U.S. Secretary of defense Ashton Carter, speaking Tuesday at the Center for strategic and international studies in Washington, said that he had instructed the Pentagon cyber command to conduct attacks in Russia banned terrorist organization “Islamic state” (IG) in Syria and Iraq. Transcript of Carter’s published on the website of the Pentagon.

Carter noted that “the first task of wartime”, which will perform cyber command. According to him, the task structure is to prevent management from IG to command your forces, plan operations, as well as “undermine their finances, their ability to pay.”

Minister of defense began to publicly mention military cyberspace operations in recent weeks, but Tuesday for the first time made a detailed statement about what plays the role of cyber command in the military plans of the Pentagon, says the Financial Times. Informally that the Ministry of defence of the USA started the cyber attacks against the Islamic state in February, reported the Agency Associated Press with reference to sources in the White house.

The Pentagon created a cyber command 2009. The head of cyber command Admiral Mike Rogers, speaking Thursday to the Committee on armed services of the U.S. Senate, reported that at present in full function 27 of 133 groups that must be created inside the structure. Most of these groups will be engaged in protection against cyber attacks. According to Rogers, the full lineup of cyber command will be formed by the end of September 2018.