Trump and Clinton lost the election in Wisconsin

According to the publication Politico, in Wisconsin Cruz after scoring 41% of votes, gaining more than 51%, while trump received only 31.8 per cent. This means that it still is ahead of his opponent by the number of their representatives at the party Congress, but now the gap has narrowed to 250 votes.

Happy with Cruz at a rally of supporters promised to catch up with trump, and in case of success on elections to break a nuclear deal with Iran and defeat “Islamic state” (banned in Russia as a terrorist organization).

The success of the cruise brought including support of the local Governor from the Republican party of Scott Walker. The last in September he was going to nominate his candidacy for the US presidency, but changed his mind, deciding to join those politicians who wish to defeat Trump.

According to Reuters, Trump in Wisconsin also have experienced the pressure of public opinion after his statement that in the event of an abortion ban, it will be necessary to punish the women who decided on this procedure.

The Democrats Bernie Sanders managed to get in Wisconsin more than 50%, ahead of Clinton by 9%. This small difference allowed the former Secretary of state to obtain 33 additional representative in Congress, where in the end will be decided who will oppose Republicans in elections.