Deputies complained of attempts to “capture” buildings by officials of the Ministry of culture

The eviction from the centre

Attempts by officials of the Ministry of culture to evict from the premises in Central Moscow several creative organizations in recent years have become a cause of collective inquiry of deputies of the state Duma addressed to Minister Vladimir Medinsky. A request to check legality of decision of property questions officials also sent to the Main investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia (GUS TFR).

In its request Medinsky () deputies from “Fair Russia” Mikhail Bryachak, Alexander Tarnavsky Mikhail Serdyuk notes that are subordinate to the Minister show, in particular, the interest in the buildings on the Big Georgian street, which are registered with the Academy of choral art named after V. S. Popov. According to them, the buildings on the decision of the former head of Roskultura Mikhail Shvydkoi in 2008 were donated to the charity Fund “Support and development of music education”. The Ministry of culture confirmed it, adding that a free-lease contract is valid until 2033. The Foundation supports gifted children, conducting music competitions, charity nights, legal support, etc.

According to the Foundation’s President Grigory Ivanov, 2012, after the Ministry of culture came a new team headed Medinsky, the organization became heavily check out the various regulatory authorities. The reviewer was interested in the legality of use transferred to the Fund premises and misuse, says Ivanov.

On the initiative of the Ministry of culture has conducted more than 15 audits, estimated Ivanov: in addition to the Ministry of culture, the Foundation checked herself choral Academy, Prosecutor’s office, employees of the main Directorate for economic security and combating corruption of the interior Ministry, the Federal property management Agency, etc. (check Protocol is available). The Ministry of culture fact checks recognize, but celebrate that they were “not fifteen”; the exact number, however, the office did not call. Officials emphasize that not checked the Foundation, and the Academy, which “lacks of space”. Verification of the Agency conducted in 2012, told in the Ministry of culture, has found violations in the use of the premises that are transferred to him free of charge.

“Their inspections of the Ministry of culture wanted to find legal grounds for eviction, — explains Ivanov. — They had to prove that we are violating the law by using the premises, and generally find at least something”.

Significant violations of the use of premises on Bolshaya Gruzinskaya street inspectors did not find, say MPs and Ivanov, but the interest of the Ministry of culture to the premises has not been decreased. In August 2015, was dismissed by the rector of the choir of the Academy Mykola Azarov, which, according to MPs, was unable to solve the problem of the eviction of the Foundation. In the Ministry of culture belie this: Azarov resigned at his own request, said the Agency.

The rector of the Academy of choral Valentine Matvienko has told . Azarov has really written the application on dismissal. “But the pressure on him was by Ivlev [Deputy Minister of culture]. Academy, as far as I know, offered the Ministry of culture to provide lawyers to those analyzed the situation of the premises, the lawyers received the documents, but the lawful bases to pick up buildings not found”, — said Matvienko.

The pressure exerted despite the fact that as indicated by the deputies, the Fund since 2008 choral Academy provides material and organizational support. “The agreement with the Academy of economic benefit from cooperation with the Fund is estimated at $ 56 million rubles Over the years we have helped and cash, in addition, transferred the Academy won us grants to governments of Moscow”, — said Ivanov. About the transfer of the Fund of the Academy and said Matvienko.

The Ministry of culture declare that documentary evidence of financial assistance to the Academy Fund no. And “economic effect” spoken of deputies, representatives of the Foundation and Academy, is the sum of the expenditures on capital repairs of those areas, which the Fund received free of charge. If the area of the Academy “were leased, the amount of earned income would vastly exceed the size of the “positive economic impact”, believe in the Ministry of culture.

In the fall of 2015, the Ministry of culture invited the Academy to voluntarily transfer the building to the Agency for management and use of monuments of history and culture (AFPIC) indicate the parliamentarians. Matvienko offers to transfer the premises to the structures of the Ministry confirms.

The request of the Deputy from “Fair Russia” Alexander Ageev in GSU SKR dealt with the abuse and slander that were made by officials in the eviction process of the Fund. In Metropolitan Gus TFR on request Ageeva responded: they began pre-investigation check.

In the Ministry of culture believe that the right to make decisions about the “redistribution of space between subordinate agencies based on area of needs of institutions”.

Those persons

In the history of the choral premises of the Academy are mentioned and the main defendants in the criminal case of embezzlement in the restoration of monuments of history and Deputy Minister of culture Grigory Pirumov and the Director of the Department of property management and investment policy Boris Mazo. They were arrested by the FSB after the inquiry of deputies concerning the interest of officials to the buildings in the center of Moscow.

According to the investigation, which leads the Federal security service, in 2015, Pirumov and Maso organized criminal group which was engaged in thefts during the restoration of Novodevichy convent, St. John the Baptist monastery, Izborsk fortress in Pskov region, etc. In the Ministry of culture stated that it will conduct its own review of activities Pirumova and Maso.

In the letter (is available), which addressed Mazo, head of AMIPIC Oleg Ryzhkov has confirmed the interest in the premises choral Academy on the Bolshaya Gruzinskaya street. Ryzhkov a letter sent in November 2015. The official writes that the buildings of the charity Fund “are in a satisfactory condition, is located in the centre of Moscow”, “given the favorable location of” objects, “their brick” Agency “agrees to consolidate” these buildings and land. References to the fact that these objects are in the gratuitous use of the Fund, the directional Boris Mazo letter is not found.

According to Matvienko, Pirumov participated in the process of vacating the premises choral Academy as curator of the property complex of the Ministry of culture. Pirumov had intended to instill in the vacated premises of the Academy of Russian choral society, said Matvienko. In the Ministry of culture confirmed the information: the idea came from the fact that this society is close in spirit to the activities of the Academy. However, it eventually gave up the buildings.

Other scandals

The deputies are sure that in actions of officials of the Ministry of culture there is a scheme involving the eviction of tenants from a vending buildings. In addition to stories with the premises of the Academy of choral parliamentarians in its request Medina reminiscent of the attempts to evict other tenants of buildings in the center of Moscow.

Officials of the Ministry of culture, list MPs took an interest in the building in the Archangel alley near the metro station “Pure ponds”, which eventually moved the Russian military historical society (RVIO), whose Chairman is the Medina; the Minister’s Advisor in RVIO — his father Rostislav Medina. The building in the Archangel alley were evicted tenants, but public protests they didn’t Express. The need for eviction of the Ministry of culture explained the urgent repair of the building. This scheme is to declare urgent repairs in the building and evict on that basis tenants — officials used on other objects that remind the deputies in the request of Medina.

The scandal happened in connection with the attempts of officials of the Ministry of culture to evict in 2014, the writers ‘ Union building on Komsomolsky Prospekt. In the Union of writers claimed that the reason for the eviction was the urgent repair, the need of which had insisted in the Ministry of culture. After restoration, the building was supposed to go PEN-club (international NGOs, uniting writers), the exhibition centre and even a restaurant, told in the writers ‘ Union. He managed to defend the building.

Scheme with the announcement of the renovation and eviction were also applied for the eviction of national crafts Fund (PPF) and matryoshka Museum from the building in Leontyevsky lane in the centre of the capital. The Foundation and the Museum with eviction were strictly nesoglasny.

The Fund claimed that the building was handed over in 1994 by presidential decree, but there was no accommodation to replace officials they were not provided. Because of this, they left the Museum in the building in Leontyevsky lane. After the repair, as told “Interfax” Director of NPF Vyacheslav Petrishchev, all the property of the Museum disappeared. The Ministry of culture of the PNP, according to petrisheva, said everything was thrown away. The Agency charges the PNP that had illegally evicted the building, was rejected.