Former heads of the Federal drug control service and the FMS was not accepted as the leadership of the Ministry of internal Affairs

In the Ministry of internal Affairs has decided who will lead the migration and anti-drug units after joining the office of the Federal service for control over drug trafficking (FSKN) and the Federal migration service (FMS).

The heads of migration departments will be the current Deputy interior Minister Alexander Gorovoy, said the official representative of the Ministry Irina Wolf. Another Deputy Minister Mikhail Vanichkin, as told by the Wolf, will be responsible for the work of the Department for control over drug trafficking,

On the authority of the Federal drug control service and the Federal migration service of the Ministry of interior, departments of which they were in the early 2000s, April 5, announced President Vladimir Putin. Putin also brought from the interior Ministry and interior troops on the basis of which will be new obrazovana power Department — the national guard.

The head of the FDCS since 2008, was Viktor Ivanov, and the FMS since 2005, was headed by Konstantin Romodanovsky. Ivanov previously worked in the presidential administration, in charge of there recruitment policies and the head of the service before the service in the FMS was the head of the security service of the interior Ministry.

After joining the services to the Ministry of internal Affairs the question on the work of Ivanov and Romodanovsky remained open. The President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov, answering the 5 April issue of the fate of the leaders, said to oversee the anti-drug and migration departments in the Ministry of internal Affairs will be the Deputy head of the Department. Neither Ivanov nor Romodanovsky, according to the statement of the Ministry on Thursday, these were not the Deputy Minister.

As told a source in law enforcement bodies, Romodanovsky not go into the interior Ministry structure. It is for this reason he was not present at the meeting with the President, announcement of the elimination of the Federal migration service and Federal drug control service as independent structures. Likely, said a source in Minsk will continue to work as Advisor to the President, he added.

“Kommersant” on 7 April he wrote that Ivanov could continue work on countering narcotics at the interior Ministry in the rank of Deputy Minister. In 2015, Kommersant reported, Ivanov can return to work in the presidential administration.

A source in the interior Ministry calls the new logical destination. “Bells prefers to work with people from his team, and not from other agencies that were not always easy to build relationships,” emphasizes the source.