In Russia there will be a new channel with games of KVN

Jokes on the air

Holding “Gazprom-Media” together with the creative Association “Alexander Maslyakov and company” (AMIC; Alexander Maslyakov — many years of leading KVN) will create a channel “TV KVN”, the report said “Gazprom-Media”, submitted to . The new channel will begin broadcasting June 1, 2016.

The channel will show the game and the highest of the Premier League KVN festivals in Sochi and jūrmala, the programs of the WHC, reports from club events and programs with participation of stars of KVN and Russian show business. Current KVN games now shows the First channel and, according to the representative of AMIC, these rights will remain with him, and “KVN TV” will be showing archive editions of transmission. The production of new content will deal with AMIC, he also will own the rights to the program, said the representative of the company.

Broadcasts of KVN games are one of the most popular programs on channel one, according to the data of TNS Russia. For example, the program “KVN reunion”, released 13 September 2015, has become the most popular among all the editions of the WHC for the year and collected a share of 21.1% (as many viewers of the total number across the country watched the program at the time of broadcast). The production of the show “the Voice”, the popular show “First channel”, collected in the same week a share of 27.1%, and the edition of the program “Let them talk” — 19% (data TNS Russia in Russia in cities with the population over 100 thousand people in the audience older than four years).

Rights over some old editions of the WHC belongs to the channel “Che” (part of the holding “CTC Media”). The representative of the AMIC explained that this channel has acquired the rights to the program “KVN encore” and “top score”, which includes the slicing of the best old programs. “KVN TV” will show older editions of the game entirely, so problems with the rights of the new channel should not be.

TV “KVN TV” will be created on the technological basis of the company “Red Media” which enters in “Gazprom-Media”, – stated in the message of the holding. “Red Media” will develop the essential design of the channel, and work on the distribution channel, including in the CIS and the Baltic States.

Money in the archives

The cost of creating “KVN TV” are not disclosed. The representative of AMIC reported only that the investment in the channel formed from several components (content, concept development, broadcast, design, technical services and staff) and what channel, what do you plan in the company, will be repaid over several years. Advertising sales expect to start in 2016. Senior Executive of a major TV holding estimates the cost to launch such a channel in $2-3 million In a similar amount of cost the holding “CTC Media” the launch of CTC Love channel, which the first year also broadcast on the secondary content, he knows.

The representative “Gazprom-Media” said that before “KVN TV” the task is to enter the basic packages of cable and mobile operators. Now the holding conducts preliminary negotiations with pay-TV operators, he says. The names of these operators in the holding do not reveal. The representative of NetByNet, a provider of wired Internet and digital TV, owned by MegaFon, said that the channel of interest of the company to its entertainment content and that the company is ready to cooperate with him.

Holding “Gazprom-Media” has launched a thematic Comedy channel — TNT-Comedy, which showed various projects from the library TNT — Comedy shows and series, talk shows and sitcoms. In the target group (14-44 years) he is for three years, broadcasting has reached the third place among all thematic channels with a share of 6.1% (data TNS Russia in Russia in January—November 2015). On the basis of the channel at the end of 2015 was established ТНТ4 channel. In January 2016, he began to broadcast on multiple broadcast frequencies “2×2” (also enters in “Gazprom-Media”).

“Gazprom-Media” is the leader in TV entertainment, and the collaboration with AMIC will allow us to expand the offer in this segment”, — given in the message “Gazprom-Media” the words of the General Director of holding Dmitry Chernyshenko. Now the holding includes five entertainment channels: TNT, Friday, TV3, 2×2 and ТНТ4. “Gazprom-Media” does not disclose data on revenue of individual channels, however the source in holding has repeatedly said that the entertainment channels have helped the company in 2015 to compensate for the slowdown in the crisis.

The revenue of “Gazprom-Media” by the end of 2015 reached 73.6 billion roubles, which is 2% higher than a year earlier, follows from the statements of Gazprombank. For comparison, revenue in RUR “CTC Media” by the end of 2015 fell by 24%. In dollars it fell by 50% to $350,56 million (23.7 billion rubles at the exchange rate on April 1, 2016).