In the Kuzbass deputies have forbidden collectors

Ban the activities of collectors on the territory of Kemerovo region was adopted at an extraordinary meeting of the Council of people’s deputies of the region, the press service of the legislature. The decision was preceded by the speech of the speaker of the legislative Assembly Evgeny Kasyanenko, during which he condemned the illegal activity and collectors reminded about the high-profile incidents: insulting inscriptions on the door of debtors, threats to relatives of debtors.

After this, the deputies adopted the law “On urgent measures on counteraction of collection activity (activities to repay debt), violate the rights and legitimate interests of individuals”.

Under the collection activities in the document refers to self by own risk the activities of legal and physical persons, directed on systematic obtaining of profit from actions to recover the debt.

Yesterday the Governor of the Kemerovo region Aman Tuleyev has directed the deputies to pass the law on banning the activities of collectors.

“Not a single collector has no right to knock the debts of the Kuzbass people were from 6 April 2016. There is no other way. We can’t afford to have our people killed,” — said the head of the field.

The head of the Association of corporate kollektorstva Dmitry Zhdanuhin statement Tuleyev called populism. He explained this by the fact that the legislation does not even have the term “collection Agency”. “You have not defined what exactly he (the rails) prohibits,” said Zhdanuhin.

The discussion of manifolds was preceded by a report on crime in the city of Iskitim. There four men attacked a family of a woman who failed to pay the debt on the loan. The attackers stole a mobile phone, beat her husband and child, and with her “made violent acts of sexual character”.