Media soobschit on the considered video killed the Vice-President of Iraq

At the disposal of the TV channel Al Arabiya appeared the video, which allegedly depicted former Vice President of Iraq Izzat Ibrahim ad-Douri. His Iraqi military and Shiite militias believed killed in April last year. This was reported on the website of the Arab TV channel.

On the video the man called the former Vice President of Iraq, accused the United States of the situation that is happening in the country from Iran.

“If [the U.S.] did not seek to save Iraq and its people from the hegemony of Iran, its control and occupation, but stopped the bloodshed, destruction and change of the demographic situation, the Iraqi people would be able to resist [the occupation],” said the man who is said to be al-Douri.

During the recordings he also called the coalition of Arab countries to oppose Iran. This person also said that the need to make Iran and its allies to implement the resolution of the UN Security Council about a ceasefire in Yemen. There’s a coalition of Arab States led by Saudi Arabia is carrying out a military intervention starting in March 2015, supported by the Iranians against a group of Houthis.

Reuters could not confirm the authenticity of the video.

On the death of al-Douri, Arab media reported in mid-April last year. Then the provincial Governor Raed al-Jabouri reported that the Vice-President of Iraq, has been killed during a special operation near the city of Kirkuk. Shortly thereafter, a representative of the Iraqi Baath party — Hudair al-Murshidi — denied information about the death of al-Douri. It was intended to analyze DNA for identification of the deceased.

During the reign of Saddam Hussein al-Douri at different times was the Minister of internal Affairs of Iraq, under Hussein as Chairman of the revolutionary command Council and Secretary-General of the Baath party. Hussein himself in operation of the international coalition in April 2003 was ousted from the post of President.

Then al-Douri was declared wanted. After the execution of Hussein in 2006, it was announced that al-Douri became the new leader of the Baath party and head of the high authority of Iraq when Hussein, the revolutionary command Council. However, the new Iraqi authorities accused former Vice President and “Baath” in terrorism.