Poroshenko called the referendum in the Netherlands attack on the unity of Europe

In a statement released by the press service Poroshenko specifies that the true aim of the organizers of the referendum in the Netherlands was an attack on the unity of Europe and the spreading of European values. The Ukrainian President stressed that the vote was of a consultative nature, and the last word rests with the government and Parliament of the Netherlands.

“I am sure that strategically this event is not an obstacle on the way of Ukraine to Europe”, – said Poroshenko. He promised that his country will continue to implement the Association Agreement, calling the document a path to modernization of the Ukrainian state and strengthening its independence.

According to Dutch TV channel NOS, 61,1% of those in areas in the Netherlands voted against Ukraine’s Association with EU, just over 38% were in favour.

Took part in the voting residents of Amsterdam and Utrecht were in favour of the Association of Ukraine with the EU, reports NOS. In Amsterdam for Association voted to 52.5%, against 46.3 per cent. In Utrecht 57.4 per cent of voters voted for the ratification of the Treaty, the turnout to overcome the 30% threshold.

Residents of two large Dutch cities, Rotterdam and the Hague, came on Wednesday to the polls, opposed the agreement on Association of Ukraine with the EU. In Rotterdam, voted against 64%, in the Hague — of 58.9. However, the turnout in both cities was less than 30%.

30% turnout threshold at which a referendum can be considered valid, was overcome: on sites have come 32.2% of voters or more than 4 million people.

The official voting results the authorities will announce on April 12.

The referendum on the ratification of the Association agreement between Ukraine and EU was held in the Netherlands on Wednesday, 6 April. Its carrying out became possible after the adoption in 2015 of the new legislation. According to it, the petition for a vote, which gathered 300 thousand signatures is accepted as an application for holding a national referendum. The vote in the Netherlands was initiated by a group of activists eurosceptic Geenpeil, which gathered the required number of signatures in October 2015.

Prime Minister mark rutte spoke for the ratification of the Association agreement of Ukraine with the EU. Opposition forces spoke out against.