Putin spoke about the recommendations of the MFA to miss a nuclear summit in the U.S.

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin was invited to participate in the nuclear security summit in Washington, but the Russian foreign Ministry advised him not to do it. The head of state said at a media Forum of independent regional and local media “Truth and justice”.

The President stressed that the invitation he received personally from President Barack Obama.

“Yes, I was invited, and my colleague [President Barack Obama] was personally invited. Frankly, I’d like to go, but our experts in the field of nuclear activities and the Ministry of foreign Affairs nevertheless it is not recommended to do,” Mr Putin said (quoted by TASS).

He explained that nuclear summit in Washington was “a home event in the USA”. “It has become clear that it is a home event, most likely American. Usually events of this kind and level are on the basis of consensus and opportunities to participate in the formulation of final decisions”, — quoted Putin “RIA Novosti”.

According to him, the summit was divided into five groups, and the Russian side was invited to participate in the work of only one of them. Therefore, according to Putin, representatives of the Russian delegation could contribute to a solution only in one direction.

“That is, shared documents, if they are being taken, we would they did not participate. But, let such a major nuclear power as Russia could not participate or cover the event with his presence and not be able to affect the production of final solutions,” the President said.

Nuclear summit in Washington took place on 31 March — 1 April. After it became known about the refusal of Russia to participate in the event, the Kremlin explained that “the shortage of interaction during preliminary study of the issues and themes of the summit”.

At the summit, Barack Obama said that Russia doesn’t agree to the continuation of the nuclear disarmament process. The Russian foreign Ministry, in turn, noted that “the lack of progress on nuclear disarmament is the result of destructive and even openly hostile to the line of the Obama administration towards Russia”.