Russia has reduced the gas price for Armenia

Russia and Armenia have agreed to cut prices on Russian gas supplies. This was announced by Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan at a briefing following the talks with Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev in Yerevan.

“Today we discussed the decline in gas prices, the solution assigned to the relevant documents”, — quotes the words of Abrahamian, “Interfax”.

The Minister of energy of Armenia Levon Yolyan later explained to journalists that Armenia will receive gas from Russia at $150 instead of $165 per 1 thousand cubic meters “On the border, the gas would cost $150 per thousand cubic meters instead of the current $165. The gas price for domestic consumers will be determined later”, — Jolana quoting “Novosti Armenia”.

In September of last year, Russia has reduced the price supplied to Armenia Russian gas from $189 to $165 for 1 thousand in cubic m. the Solution was allowed to neutralize the impact of currency fluctuations of the Armenian dram to the U.S. dollar at the end of 2014 and to keep tariffs for consumers at the same level.

Today the head of “Gazprom” Alexey Miller and the General Director of “Gazprom Armenia” Vardan Harutyunyan signed an Addendum to the contract between “Gazprom export” and “Gazprom Armenia” CJSC for the supply of gas in 2014-2018.

Medvedev, commenting on the outcome of the talks, said that their main theme was trade and economic relations of Russia and Armenia. Speaking about the agreements in the energy sector, the Russian Prime Minister noted that they, “of course, is critical to ensuring the stability of energy consumption in Armenia, and ensure the normal development of the Republic of Armenia as a whole.”