The Fund Navalny found an apartment for her daughter of the head of the national guard for $5 million

The Fund of struggle against corruption (FBK) Alexei Navalny published information about the apartment Jeanne Zolotova, daughter of the newly appointed commander-in-chief of the National guard of Russia, Viktor Zolotov. According to the lawyers Fund, the cost of an apartment is now about 343 million rubles, or $5 million.

The apartment, owned by her daughter Zolotow, was not specified in the Declaration on the income for the year of 2014. At that time, Jeanne Zolotow was an adult, but because her housing was not subject to Declaration.

The press service of the National guard are unable to respond promptly to the request .

According to the extract from the state register of immovable property, the FBC is given, in the possession of Joan Zolotova is an apartment of 500 square meters on Lomonosovsky Prospekt in Moscow. Right to the apartment it registered in state bodies in November 2011.

The investigation also mentions that Zolotov owns a house area of sqm 274,6 Bulk indicates in the publication that Zolotov owned the house had lived Anastas Mikoyan. Navalny also claims that the commander-in-chief of the national guard gave one hectare of land, valued at 2 million rubles per 100 square meters Thus, according to BCF, the family’s assets Solomovich in total over 663 million rubles. The official income of the enforcer in 2014 — 6.5 million rubles.

Zolotov has published the Declaration on incomes for the first time on 3 June 2015. Placed in the document he stated his annual income to $ 6.5 mln, two of the land area of 1.19 hectares and 0.4 hectares, two houses — 275 and 1070 sq m and the apartment is 189 sq m, one Parking space — 19,6 sq. m and the glacier is 37.7 sq. m. In equal shares with his wife ( ⅓ ) Zolotov also owns an apartment of 179 sqm the Wife of the Deputy Minister has earned just over 400 thousand rubles and owns a plot of 0.5 ha Former guard of the President belong to the car Mercedes-Benz Geländewagen ATV Yamaha.

Tuesday, 5 April, Vladimir Putin signed a decree creating the National guard. Commander-in-chief of the new Agency became Zolotov. Since 2014 a former security guard of Putin served as first Deputy Minister of internal Affairs, commander of Internal troops of the Ministry of internal Affairs. Prior to that, he worked for six months as first Deputy commander-in-chief. Before Zolotov 13 years in the Federal guard service (FSO) and the head of security service of the President of Russia.