The head of VTB declared the involvement of foreign intelligence services in offshore scandal

“Investigation of the international consortium of journalists, with the active support, certainly, foreign intelligence agencies, there is little that has the program of fight against offshore companies”, — said the head of VTB Andrey Kostin, speaking at the 7th Congress of the Association of Russian banks. However, he added that advocates the de-dollarization of financial transactions.

“All that is said in respect of the Russian banks has false nature, nothing to do with the truth. I think the situation is somewhat clearer today, when the Agency Bloomberg with reference to sources in the American administration has published data that considers the possibility of additional sanction measures against Russia,” said Kostin.

Kostin also stressed that the Russian commercial Bank (RCB) Cyprus has never lent to Sergei Roldugin and his firm never granted unsecured loans and avoided sanctions.

Earlier, the “Novaya Gazeta” wrote that one of the most important sources of Finance the offshore group associated with Sergei Roldugin, were loans from Cypriot Bank RCB, controlled by state Bank VTB. “The documents indicate that in 2010-2012 for Sandalwood Continental (offshore company) opened a credit line of at least $650 million, the Representative RCB ICIJ said that the Bank in its activities follows the requirements of the law, therefore, “the assumption that RCB is the so — called wallet for senior Russian officials, has no basis and does not match the current state of Affairs,” — said the publication. Moreover, the Bank assured the journalists that voluntarily referred the request from ICIJ in the body, involved in combating money laundering in Cyprus, to conduct an independent investigation.

Now 46,29% RCB belongs to VTB, 19,85% — “FC OTKRITIE”, the rest of 33,85% are owned by a Cyprus company Crendaro Investments Limited, whose shareholders, according to the Cyprus Registrar of companies, on a parity basis are the CEO, Kirill RCB and RCB Zimarin Trustees, is 100% owned by the Bank itself.

In a press-service VTB said earlier that from 2010 to 2012 RCB was a part of VTB group, however currently it is not part of it. “However, we want to stress that the VTB group all loans issued with collateral in strict compliance with the risk policy, the requirements of regulatory authorities and legislation. As far as we know, RCB Bank Ltd also has not issued and does not issue unsecured loans, its activity is regulated by the European Central Bank and complies with all the requirements of the ECB,” — said the press service.

In Bank believe that “the information contained in the ICIJ investigation, issued in respect of RCB Bank Ltd unsecured loans is not true, and people making such conclusions do not have information about financial transactions and simply lying to the readers wishful thinking”.