The media learned about the possible move of the former head of the abolished Federal drug control service in the Ministry of internal Affairs

According to several senior sources “Kommersant”, the former head of the Federal drug control service Viktor Ivanov seen as a contender for the post of first Deputy interior Minister. This position became vacant after earlier holding her commander of the Interior troops Viktor Zolotov was the head of the national guard.

At the same time, a number of interlocutors “Kommerant” claim that Ivanov will go to the post of first Deputy Minister, will become Deputy head of the Department.

It is expected that the new first Deputy Minister of internal Affairs will supervise created on the basis of Federal drug control service and the FMS Main office for drug control and migration, as well as issues of international cooperation.

According to the source Newspapers, in the appointment of Ivanov practically unchanged and State anti-drug Committee — the body coordinating the work of all Federal agencies in countering drug trafficking.

The appointment of Viktor Ivanov or his successor should be made as early as this week, says one of the interlocutors edition.

However, according to “Kommersant”, the employees of the Central apparatus of the Federal drug control service has already warned that they were looking for a new place, since in accordance with the decree of the President of the new anti-drug Directorate of the interior Ministry will be able to work ex-narcotics officers at the rank above Colonel.