The Minister of Finance of Ukraine reported revenue of $4.7 thousand for the year

According to published on the website of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine Declaration of the Minister Natalie Jaresko, 2015, its revenue amounted to 121,7 thousand hryvnia (about $4.7 million), according to Ukrainian portal

Salary of Minister — 72,965 thousand ($2,81) per year. At the same time, outside of Ukraine, according to the Declaration, Jaresko has earned earned 407,468 thousand hryvnia (about $15.7 thousand), and members of her family (two daughters) — 894 thousand UAH (about $34,45).

In the Bank accounts of the Minister of Finance is more than 56 million hryvnia (about $2 million). Of them

55 million Jaresko holds in foreign banks.

Also, according to the Declaration, the Minister in 2015 paid to 4.46 million in credit commitments and nearly 14 million USD for “other expenses”.

Jaresko owns two land plots with an area of 3 thousand and 7 thousand square meters and the house (jointly owned) area sqm 1267,5 Car, according to the Declaration, it does not.

Jaresko was appointed Minister of Finance in December 2014. At that time the head of the Ministry of Finance was American citizenship. Before his appointment to the government she has long worked in the investment companies operating in Ukraine. The name of the head of the presidential administration Borys Lozhkin named among probable candidates on a post of the Prime Minister of Ukraine in case of resignation Aresna Yatsenyuk. After Jaresko was named a candidate for the post of Prime Minister, she declared readiness to create a technocratic government. “I’m ready to assemble a team that right now is able to work for the interest of the whole country, all its citizens and not of some political or business groups,” — said Yaresko.