The MPs will require a rebuttal from NYT article on corruption in Ukraine

As stated by Verkhovna Rada Deputy Ivan Vinnik, the Ukrainian side will prove the publication of The New York Times that the information published in his reports on corruption in Ukraine is not true. According to Vinnik, the Verkhovna Rada Committee on national security and defence will require publication of a retraction of the article.

“This respected publication. And someone gave them information, which is not true. This will be confirmed by the Ukrainian General Prosecutor’s office, which has some level of mistrust and of British experts, who, I hope, accepted by the newspaper “The New York Times” as competent. We will require retraction of the article,” said winnick on air “the 5th channel” (quoted by “Interfax-Ukraine”).

According to the MP, the newspaper should refute the allegations on the responsibility of ex-Prosecutor General Viktor Shokina in the context of the case ex-the Minister of ecology and natural resources of Ukraine Mykola Zlochevsky, hints at the responsibility of the President of Petro Poroshenko.

Winnick recalled that the article was based on the fact that the former attorney General was negligent in providing materials for international-right request in the Zlochevsky is alleged that the case was closed in the Ukraine and this became the basis for the withdrawal of the arrest with $23 million, which Slakeski listed in the Cyprus company.

“We have studied this issue and found that, first, the case in Ukraine is not closed and continues to be investigated, including in the UK,” said winnick. “I strongly hope that “The New York Times” in this case, when you receive sound information from our side, will react properly,” he said.

An article in The New York Times criticized the policy of Poroshenko was published on 31 March during a visit of the Ukrainian President in the United States.

“Poroshenko as a product of the old political system, obviously, allows the continuation of corrupt practices in the country to preserve policy space. But the President, Prime Minister and Parliament should be aware that neither the IMF nor the donor countries, including the US, are not going to throw money into a “swamp of corruption”, — was stated in the article. According to the publication, the dismissal of the Prosecutor General Viktor Shokina, is not sufficient to signal the resolve of the Ukrainian authorities to conduct a serious fight against corruption.

Commenting on the publication of The New York Times, Poroshenko said that his country is “hybrid war”, including through “mechanisms for the dissemination of information discrediting the Ukrainian state”. The President later said his words were misinterpreted.