The price of Brent crude oil exceeded $40 per barrel

On the morning of 7 April, the price of a barrel of North sea Brent on the London exchange has exceeded $ 40. The high quote came to $40,25. As of 8:15 MSK barrel of Brent cost $40,21.

Thus, the daily price growth stood at 5.8%.

The jump in prices occurred after the energy information Administration (EIA) U.S. Department of energy announced the reduction of crude oil reserves in the country.

For the week from March 26 to April 1, 2016, commercial stocks of crude oil in storage in the U.S. fell by 4.9 million barrels, with 534,8 million to 529,9 million barrels. Earlier analysts predicted that oil reserves will not decrease, but even increase of approximately 3 million barrels.

On the eve of the American petroleum Institute (API) reported that, by estimates of experts, the reserves of oil in storehouses of the USA was reduced last week by 4.3 million barrels. The news also boosted oil prices.

Against the background of rising oil prices on the Moscow stock exchange has been the strengthening of the ruble. At the close of 6 April, the dollar was worth 67,59 rubles, and Euro 77,00, which is below the official rate of the Bank of Russia established on 7 April.