Belarus declared closed the question of Russian air base

The issue of Russian airbase in Belarus at this stage is closed. This was stated by foreign Minister of Belarus Vladimir Makei in Moscow, reports “RIA Novosti”. He noted that the possibility of returning to this question depends on the circumstances.

“If the need arises, in any case, you can return to this issue, but at this stage, it seems to us that it makes no sense to speak on the issue of deployment of Russian military base on the territory of Belarus. Until the question at this stage is closed,” said Mackay.

“But this does not mean that it will not return if the relevant circumstances change, and we will have to take adequate response measures”, — the Minister added.

At the end of September last year, President Vladimir Putin instructed to sign an agreement on creation of the airbase in Belarus. In response to his Belarusian counterpart Alexander Lukashenko said that knows nothing about it, and this issue was not discussed. He also expressed surprise, “why it was the Russians <…> to throw in the media”.

In October, Lukashenko softened his stance and promised to discuss the question of the establishment of the airbase with the head of the Russian state. Later, the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that Putin and Lukashenko discussed the topic of the air base and could continue the discussion at the CIS summit in Kazakhstan, which was held in Kazakhstan in mid-October.

However, at the end of the summit, Peskov said that during the bilateral meeting of Putin and Lukashenka in the framework of the summits of the CIS and the Eurasian economic Union the issue of establishing the airbase was not affected.

Some time later the head of the defense Ministry of Belarus Andrei Ravkov said there was no need to post the Russian airbase on the territory of the Republic and offered an alternative. According to the Minister, it would be better to post in the Republic “means of destruction”. “It will be much more efficient than air base,” — said the One at the end of October. He noted that consultations on the situation in Belarus, a Russian air force base completed. A final decision on his Sloan, the President of Republic Alexander Lukashenko has not yet adopted.