Media reported about the support of VEB at the expense of frozen pension

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin has allowed to use to support VEB frozen part of the cumulative contributions of retirees under presidential reserve in Russia’s budget for 2016, reports the newspaper “Vedomosti” referring to two Federal officials from the social and financial unit and a high-ranking official.

It comes to the amount of 150 billion rubles available 342 billion rubles. the Idea of taking money from the reserve approved by the President, said one of the sources.

“Only don’t need to consider it as something that money future retirees were spent on the rescue VEB”, — quoted one of the officials “Vedomosti”. Second, the official noted that to take money from the presidential reserve is the best option in terms of time constraints.

A government official explained that this requires a presidential instruction and decree of the government. Other options would require amendments to the budget law.

Employee VEB told Vedomosti that 75 billion rubles from these 150 billion rubles has already arrived at the Bank in the first quarter in February was a risk of breaking covenants on its external debt. According to him, the money came to the capital and raised his sufficiency, then they can go on repayment of external debts. Breakdown of covenants would enable the lenders to demand early repayment, and this could kill the Bank, explained an employee of the Corporation.

In the presidential reserve after support VEB is only 192 billion rubles. Senior sources did not rule out that the money can go for the indexation of pensions in the second half before the parliamentary elections. According to him, the probability is, judging by the good performance for the first quarter, rose.