The court arrested the 35-th person involved in “marsh business”

In the courtroom Panfilov under flashes of cameras brought by a reinforced unit of the convoy. Low, in a black sweater tucked into jeans without a belt and sneakers without laces, he looked confused. Sitting on the bench for the defendants, Panfilov tried to stop the trembling in his hands.

His lawyers Serhiy Panchenko and Marina Kurakin asked to allow their client to leave the cage for defendants to sit next to them. “My principal suffers from a rare disease — Tourette’s syndrome (a disorder of the nervous system, accompanied by motor tics),” said Panchenko. Asked to hold a hearing behind closed doors and to interrogate as the witness by his mother Marina Danilkina, which was waiting in the corridor of the court.

Judge Valentina Levashova agreed only for questioning.

Drinking and not working

According to the materials of the case, 30-year-old Panfilov, a chef by training, in recent years he lived in Astrakhan and anywhere didn’t work. According to investigators, four years ago, on 6 may 2012 he was present at the Bolotnaya square, where the opposition rally “March of Millions”, and took part in the outbreak of the riots.

In particular, he tore the helmet from the fighter of OMON Filipova, causing the latter pain is assaulted by a power representative, said the investigator. Now Panfilov charged under articles 212 and 318 of the Criminal code (participation in mass riots and use of violence against a representative of authorities). The investigator has demonstrated to the court the examination of videos from surveillance cameras on Bolotnaya square, which established the involvement of Panfilov and captured his illegal actions.

“The election of softer measure of restraint it is impossible, — has assured the judge the investigator. — Panfilov leads an immoral life: abuses alcohol, not working at all”.

Repeatedly, no less than 29 times, was brought to administrative responsibility, said the investigator, including 17 times for drinking alcohol in public and for disorderly conduct. Now Panfilov accused of a serious crime committed against public safety, he explained arrest request.

Open helmet

“I don’t agree with everything said the magistrate,” said Panfilov and asked to consult with their lawyers. After a ten minute break, the accused stated that he will not appear in court, and its position is expressed by defenders.

“He claims that a helmet which withdrawals from the employee of OMON was not fastened, administrative penalties already paid off, but work does not allow him health,” said Panchenko.

“Can one remark he raised himself Panfilov. — I do not deny that he was at the Bolotnaya square, but I was not the instigator and did not become violent”. The accused did not deny that really pulled the helmet from the guard.

Lawyers Panchenko and Kurakin asked to use alternative measures of restraint such as house arrest and indicated that the capital is housing, where the principal may be under arrest.

Very good patient

In the hall called the mother of the accused. Behind the podium stood a short, very well dressed woman. She told us that Maksim is dependent on their parents, but actually lives in Astrakhan grandmother. She Danilkin has been living in the Moscow suburb of Krasnogorsk and the son is seen twice a year.

Health problems her son started in middle school, told the witness.

“In fourth grade he was having difficulty concentrating, he started to pull his hands”, — told Danilkin. She took him to the doctors, was placed in a neurological hospital, but the condition only got worse — to the 9th grade he was transferred to the free school attendance.

“By the 11th grade he had an obvious convulsive movements, tics, and he shouted profanities in moments of mental excitement”, — told Danilkin. She asked me to vote for her son under house arrest and said that is the living room, which the owner agrees to put the accused. But no documents confirming this, she and the lawyers collect not have time.

“When your son began to abuse alcohol”, — the investigator asked.

“Four years,’ answered the witness, but then corrected himself.- But he doesn’t abuse, and use only became. The district plan does.”

“How can you be described?”, — the investigator asked.

“How to describe? — thoughtful mother.- Well he is very kind, believes in people, that they are all good, to whose advice does not listen, until he is convinced that it will do bad.”

The last defendant in the

Panfilov was the 35-th person involved in Bolotnaya case. During the four years investigation criminal proceedings were brought to a few dozen people. Some of them were amnestied in December 2013 in honor of the 20th anniversary of the Constitution. The rest were sentenced to various terms ranging from suspended sentences to 4.5 years of imprisonment.

In organizing these riots in the summer of 2014 were found guilty, the coordinator of the “Left front” Sergei Udaltsov and his colleague Leonid Razvozzhaev.

In December 2015, to 2.5 years in prison was sentenced Ivan Sciences. He was then arrested 34 the defendant in the case, Dmitry Butenkov.