The employees of “Mosgortrans” asked Sobyanin to save the trolleys

A letter to the mayor

Employees of “Mosgortrans” wrote a letter to the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin in which he demanded to keep the movement of the trolley in the center of Moscow. In the letter, which is available to , the employees of “Mosgortrans” Express their disagreement with the position of the city authorities, which in March 2016 has planned to eliminate the contact network of trolley buses of the capital. Representatives of the municipality and of diptrans Moscow confirmed receipt of the letter.

On the elimination of trolleybus network in the framework of the program “My street” became known in late March. The representative of the Department of transport told me that all will be dismantled over 30 km of overhead lines on the Boulevard and the Kremlin the ring and on the streets Tverskaya, Novy Arbat and Sretenka. Officials also noted that liquidated nine trolleybus routes electric vehicle will be replaced with new buses with environmentally-friendly engine of Euro-5 standard and above.

Vice-mayor, head of Department of transport of Moscow Maxim Liksutov explained the need for the elimination of the contact network capital investments into their reconstruction. “We have a very worn out trolleybus contact network, which unfortunately gives almost 30% energy losses”, — said Liksutov at the radio station “Moscow speaking”, adding that we must build new substations for trolley buses.

Substation that feeds the electric vehicle plying on the centre of Moscow, “involved only 15-20% of the nominal power”, argue with the assertion Noted in his letter to the employees of “Mosgortrans”.

Speaking about the reasons for the elimination of trolley buses, Liksutov also said that in the update function, you need to invest “billions”, and this will have an impact on the fare. According to the plans of the municipality dismantling are subject to recently updated sections of the contact network with modern equipment, the service life of up to 25 years, and some altogether indefinite, argue the authors of the letter.

Repair of a contact network has already been made, they write. In the late 90s — early 2000s, the city authorities held an almost complete reconstruction of the contact network around the centre of Moscow (supports, brackets, cables and wires), the service life of the elements which in the aggregate is not less than 25 years, and some items — up to 50 years or more. And in 2009-2012 have been landscaped Central street, which was also refined trolleybus network.

Is it expensive to repair the trolley

As can be seen from the website of state procurements, repair of a contact network of trolleybuses, the capital’s officials worked in recent years. In 2013, the state unitary enterprise “Mosgortrans” has placed a tender for capital repairs 49,19 km trolleybus network 169,1 mln., the Average cost of overhaul networks amounted to about 3.4 million rubles.

In 2015 the program “My street” was carried out a complete upgrade of trolleybus lines with replacement of poles of the contact network in terms of performance (length of 1,88 km), which at a cost of 23.3 million rubles. and at Mytnaya street (just under 2 km), which was worth 20.4 million rubles the Average cost of a full replacement contract network on these streets amounted to $ 12.4 million and 10.2 million rubles roubles for 1 km.

Based on the cost of repairs to a full upgrade of a contact network of trolley buses, which are planning to liquidate capital authorities, needs about 350 million rubles Abandoning trolleybuses and replacing them with buses, spend more money than they save, are confident the authors of the letter.