The media learned about the joint work of Moscow and Washington on the Syrian Constitution

The United States and Russia are working together on a draft new Constitution of Syria, consultations are confidential, the work is at an early stage, reports Bloomberg citing three Western and Russian diplomats.

According to a Western diplomat, the current Russia’s proposals are closer to the position of the Syrian government. His Russian counterpart confirmed that the two sides continue to exchange ideas.

19 December 2015, the UN security Council unanimously adopted resolution on Syria, which includes the development of a new Syrian Constitution. The document provided for in the Syrian presidential elections, which, according to the resolution, should take place within 18 months after the start of the development process of the new Syrian Constitution.

February 22, Assad issued a decree on conducting parliamentary elections in Syria on 13 April. He did it a few hours after it was announced the agreement between Russia and the U.S. on the ceasefire in Syria.

Later in March, Assad said he was ready to hold early presidential elections. “In principle I have no problem with that, because the President can’t work without popular support. But if the President has popular support, he should always be ready for such step. I can say that fundamentally for us it’s not a problem,” said Assad.

He recalled that the demand of early presidential elections “has not been nominated as part of the ongoing political process”.