The media learned about the project the Ministry of economic development on creation of “Russian Alibaba”

The Ministry of economic development of Russia developed a project Internet site, which will be used for the export of Russian goods abroad. Prepared by the office of the project got into the disposal of “Kommersant”.

A document entitled “E-Commerce as a driver of development of activity of subjects of small and average business on domestic and foreign markets” describes how to create a “uniform environment exporter” uniting “prodvizheniye, customs, logistics, information, payment, credit, insurance, and other services necessary for the sale of goods through electronic Commerce for export and inside the country”.

While the concept is the creation of a company-aggregator, which will become the “single window” for Russian goods to world markets. As an example of such companies-aggregators the authors of the document called “Yandex.Market”, “Hardware” and Wikimart. It is emphasized that the Russian platform should be integrated with the major foreign electronic exchanges, such as China’s AliExpress (Alibaba Group Playground) and as well as the American Amazon and eBay.

It is assumed that the formation of a pool of exporters will export Russian center (REC), which will also be involved in standardization and certification of products before to send exporters to the aggregator.

The document States that for acceptance and execution of orders, payment and shipment of goods the exporters will use the personal Cabinet on the website of the aggregator. Having access to the office, the exporter will have the possibility credit, insurance and guarantee support organizations, which will connect the Playground. The authors of the concept propose to oblige the platform at the conclusion of the contract with the exporter “to accumulate the insurance premium”, which might be required for the settlement of disputes with buyers are foreigners. As for the resolution of possible disputes, it is proposed to create a platform for example AliExpress.

Head of service “Yandex.Market” Pavel Aleshin told “Kommersant” that the pad can be used to export the goods abroad in the same way that is used by stores for sales within Russia. However, he stressed that at this point it is important to work for the private sector export mechanisms.

The press service of “Yulmart” the publication reported that the company is ready “to become a strategic partner of the state in the creation and development of global infrastructure for trade of the Russian goods on the world market”. In this case the interviewee found it difficult to assess investment in the project, citing the fact that the company was connected to him not so long ago.

CEO Wikimart Andrey Klenin said he supported the initiative of the Ministry of economic development and agreed that it is necessary to develop a unified system exporter. “It certainly will require a major investment on the part of project participants, also need help in connecting all the companies that have export potential. If you have a certain administrative resource it is possible to decide”, he said.

In December 2015 the President of Russia Vladimir Putin in his message to the Federal Assembly expressed the need to create a project office, one of the tasks of which will be the support of the “Russian private companies in the field of e-Commerce that Russian goods were exported via the Internet to all countries of the world.”

In early February, 2016 in China earned the first online platform for selling products from Russia: metal products, machinery, food products, fur products, Handicrafts, etc.