The Zolotov family, we found two plots of land on the ruble

Published April 7, Alexey Navalny’s list of assets of Deputy interior Minister and head of the created National guard Viktor Zolotov is not enough, at least, suburban lands of his son and a plot of land in the village of Kalchuga belonging to Zolotov. In addition, BCF has not indicated exactly where one of the declared high-ranking security official apartments.

According to FBK, family Solomovich speaks 4 land plots with a total area of 2.6 hectares, with 4 apartments (1016 sq m) and 5 houses (2488 sq ft). Part of this property was indicated in the Declaration of head of the family, published in June last year (see incision), however, without specifying their location. In addition to land and real estate Victor Zolotov and his wife Valentina, FBC considered property of their adult children — Roman and Zhanna, to declare that Viktor Zolotov is not required. The terms on which members of the family have become owners of square meters in different regions of the country is unknown, but according to market prices and inventory, an estimated BCF, all property Solomovich is estimated at more than 630 million rubles.

That declared Viktor Zolotov

The Deputy Minister of internal Affairs — one of the most non-public Russian security forces. The Declaration he published for the first time only last year, despite the fact that all high-ranking civil servants doing this since 2010. The official income of the enforcer in 2014 — 6.5 million rubles, his wife — 744 400 rubles. In the list of property the Deputy Minister of internal Affairs two the land area of 1.19 hectares and 0.4 hectares, two houses — 275 and 1070 sq. m. apartment with an area of 189 sq m, one Parking space — 19,6 sq. m and the glacier is 37.7 sq. m. In equal shares with his wife ( ⅓ ) Zolotov owns another apartment 179 sqm Spouse also owns a plot of 0.5 hectares.

However, a few objects fell from the calculation of the BCF.

Suburban land

According to the Unified state register of real property rights (extract of it is available), a full namesake of the son of Viktor Zolotov Roman in addition to residential houses in Barvikha village area of 676 sq. m belongs is also more of 88.5 acres of land in the same area. The owner of the plot, the novel Zolotov is from November 2003.

Three neighboring property next to him owned full namesake Yuri Chechikhin, which Navalny called the husband of the daughter of Jeanne Zolotow. Owned Chechina more than 1.2 ha. When the couple formalized their relationship is unknown. The owner of the site Chechikhin, as follows from the statements, was in April 2004, March 2005 and April 2008.

Land in the village of Barvikha is one of the most expensive in Russia, says General Director of group of companies “geo development” Maxim leshchyov. “The cost of 3-6 million rubles. for a hundred,” he said. According to the employee of real estate Agency Metrium, land in Barvikha in a gated community can reach $70-120 thousand for a hundred. Thus, the suburban estate character of the Novel can cost on the lower price boundary 266-531 million roubles in recalculation at a current rate, and the possessions of his neighbor Yuri Chechikhin — 360-720 million rubles.

According to “Novaya Gazeta”, till 2014 Roman Zolotov worked in FGUP “Protection” the Russian interior Ministry. This organization offers security services on a commercial basis. During the reorganization of Internal troops, Federal state unitary enterprise “Protection” came under the control of the National guard. According to SPARK, Roman Zolotov together with Sergey Somov and Alexander Sabadash owns companies “Stroyalians and Stroyalians Plus”, the main activity of which is the Installation of buildings and structures from prefabricated structures.

Chechikhin — old friend of the family Solomovich. At the end of the 2000s Chechen together with Roman Zolotov was made by the producers of the TV series “movers and Shakers” and “movers and Shakers. To be together”, aired on channel one. Shortly thereafter, Chaikin was appointed to the post of General Director of OJSC “Izvestia”, which produced the eponymous newspaper.

The solid neighbourhood

The full namesake of Yuri Chechikhin there is land in the Odintsovo district of the Moscow region, according to data EGRP, owned 29 acres in the village of Kalchuga adjoining the Victor Zolotov. The ownership of this land Chechikhin registered in July 2012. Based on market prices for land in this place, HOMESTEAD Chechina can cost 43-72 million rubles.

Yuri Chechikhin not answered the call of the correspondent . phoned all the companies referred to in Doubles as associated with Chechenin, however, and through them to contact the businessman failed. Two companies stated that they never heard of such a person. In all the other firms did not respond to calls. Failed to communicate with Cechini and through the National media group, where he worked as a counselor.

Besides the suburban land full namesake of the alleged son-in-law of the head of the national guard there are at least two apartments in Moscow on the street Veresaeva. The total area of two owned by Yuri Chechikhin apartments – 400,9 sq. m. Acquired in March and November 2011. According to CYANOGEN, apartments for Veresaev cost from 300 thousand to 900 thousand per square meter. Real estate Agency “Prostor” sells the house Chechina two apartments on 400 thousand rbl. for sq. m. Thus, the property is yours intended son-in-law designs can cost a minimum of 120-160,4 million rubles.

The sea

In addition, Navalny indicated that one of the declared Viktor Zolotov apartments with a floor area of 189 sq. m — located in the centre of Gelendzhik, one block from the sea (extract USRR on the apartment of similar square, located on Lenin street, the owner of which is Viktor Zolotov, is available).

On the websites of realtors offer to sell the apartments in this building range from 60 thousand to 90 thousand rubles per sq. m depending on the availability and quality of repair. The cost of some apartments in this building with an outdoor terrace and is listed for 190 thousand rubles per sq. m. is There a terrace in the apartment designs, the excerpt is not specified, but based on market offers, apartment on Leninsky can be estimated to be 11.3-17 million rubles.

Gelendzhik is a resort town located on the black sea coast of Caucasus, in addition to the healthy mountain air is known, which is not far from the city (25 km from Lenin street) in the vicinity of the village of praskoveevka is the residence on a plot of 676,6 thousand square meters, which after the scandalous letters businessman Sergei Kolesnikov Dmitry Medvedev, the media became known as the “Palace of Putin”.

Real estate in Gelendzhik was and Roman Zolotov. From may 2014 to March 2015, as the discharge EGRP, he owned a house in a Green area of the passage 958,2 square meters, but now the owner of this property is Lanfranco Cirillo — namesake Italian architect, the author of the project of the Palace in Praskoveevka.

Thus, according to the calculations , only the cadastral value of all property Solomovich (excluding land and real estate Chechina) is 532,5 million rbl., and market valuation at the lower end of the price range is 750 million rubles.

Not in the Declaration

According to the USRR, in the Odintsovo district of the Moscow region, where the declared Victor Zolotov 1.2 hectares of land, its full namesake owns one small area of 277 square meters, adjacent to the larger plot. In the Declaration, the Deputy Minister of internal Affairs it does not appear. Not listed there and the sentry box area of 1.5 square meters, which, according to the unified state register, is also located in the Odintsovo district of Moscow region. The ownership of the plot of 277 sqm Viktor Zolotov received in August 2008, but the sentry box in the list of his property appeared in June 2002 — before all belonging Zolotov Moscow region.

In addition, the commander in chief of the National guard incorrectly prescribed in the Declaration area of the apartment, which he owns with his wife. According to the state register, the area of the apartment is 171,6 sq. m, whereas the Declaration specified 178,5 sq ft of living space.

asked for comments in a press-service of Internal troops (VV), on the basis of which is created the national guard. The representative of BB Vasily Panchenko said that the inquiry “reported Zolotov”, but no answer yet.