An influential adviser to Alisher Usmanov in Britain retired

Independent member of the house of lords, former Minister of foreign Affairs of the United Kingdom Baron David Owen ceased to provide consulting services to companies of Alisher Usmanov. Cooperation with structures of the Russian businessman was interrupted on December 21 2015, the message on the personal page of Owen at the website of the Parliament of great Britain.

The former head of the Foreign Ministry of the country was an Advisor in two companies whose major shareholder is Usmanov, is Limited Epion Holdings and USM Holdings Ltd, both registered in the British virgin Islands, the message says. In addition, Lord was a member of the Board of Directors of Europe Steel Plc, controlled by the structures of the Russian businessman, also until December 21, 2015. Causes of rupture of cooperation with Usmanov Lord does not specify.

The decision to stop working as an adviser was taken personally by Owen, “who recently celebrated 50 years of political activity and which is more than 77 years, in fact, he went out of business”, said the representative of the USM Holdings. In all the years of joint work Owen “gave valuable advice on strategic aspects of business development — Epion and USM appreciates the results of cooperation,” he added. Despite the decision of Lord Owen to stop work as a consultant, he remains a personal friend of Alisher Usmanov and Farhad Moshiri (business partner of Usmanov. — ), said the representative of the holding company USM.

Owen explained that after “Europe Steel left Britain and consolidated the business in Switzerland”, he decided that, given his age, it is the right time to “complete the business career in Britain, USA and Russia.” According to Lord, this step may not be associated with the exacerbation of the political conflict between Russia and the West. “I plan to continue to visit Russia and meet with Alisher as a friend… I Have many friends in Russia, but Alisher is the closest, and now we see each other, to see the matches of Arsenal (London football club, which co-owner is Alisher Usmanov, approx.) or at charity events,” said Owen. He stressed that after 20 years their relationship with the Russian businessman “has never depended on money.”

Lord Owen, a famous British politician and lobbyist. The British foreign office he headed in the years 1977-1979. In the early 1980s, together with three other influential labour MP Owen left the party in protest against left-leaning in its politics and became one of the founders of the Social democratic party. Her leader with a small break it was in the period from 1983 to 1990.

Owen advised the Russian billionaire since 1995, reported in March 2014, the Financial Times (FT). Usmanov “pays for advice from Lord Owen”, wrote the publication. The MP then declared FT that is not afraid to cooperate with the owner and Epion USM, despite the threat of sanctions against representatives of Russian big business, which he called “purely hypothetical”. Owen expressed the hope that Usmanov restrictions will not apply to, and explained that the decision on cooperation will take, “based on the specific circumstances and reasons for sanctions, if introduced”.

USM Holdings — the company that manages the main assets of Usmanov and his business partners, including controlling stakes in mobile operator MegaFon and metallurgical holding “metalloinvest”. Through Epion Holdings businessman invested in 2006, and in 2014 has consolidated this structure 100% of the developer “Khimki Group”, a reported.

In 1995, when Owen started to cooperate with Usmanov, he headed the Board of Directors trader Middlesex Holdings, which is actively buying steel assets in the Russian market (the largest of these assets were later included in the holding “metalloinvest”), reported Bloomberg. Managing Director of Middlesex was a businessman of Iranian origin Farhad Moshiri, now a business partner of the Russian billionaire. Once in the early 2000-ies Middlesex left Russia and changed its name to Global Natural Energy, contacts between Usmanov and Owen remained at the consultation level.

Usmanov has saved relationship with another member of the house of lords — Paul Myners. The parliamentarian serves on the Board of Directors of MegaFon, said on the official website of the operator. In 2014 the Myners has stated on FT that considers the mobile operator “one of the most effectively managed companies” with whom he had to work and wasn’t going to get from the Council, despite the deterioration of relations between Russia and the West. The representative of “MegaFon” Yulia Dorokhina and the representative of the holding company USM, said that the company “appreciates” the collaboration with Myners. The Lord is already included in the list of candidates for election to the Board of Directors at the shareholders ‘ meeting in 2016, Dorokhina said.

Another well-known company Owen from among major Russian businessmen Mikhail Khodorkovsky. In 2002, Owen headed the Board of Directors of the international unit of Yukos headquartered in London, Yukos International UK. However, lobbying opportunities policy is not enough to prevent the defeat of the business Empire of Khodorkovsky, and in 2005 he left the company.

With the participation of Elizabeth Arkhangelsk