Apple has helped U.S. authorities to “expose” more than 70 iPhone since 2008

Apple has helped the American authorities to open at least 70 iPhone since 2008. About it writes The Wall Street Journal, citing the information provided by the court in riverside, California.

The first case of such cooperation was the episode when the Federal government turned to the company during the investigation of sexual child abuse in Watertown. Apple went towards the Prosecutor’s office and “opened” smartphone.

Then the Federal Prosecutor noted that the special rules of law, according to which Apple is obliged to assist the authorities, does not exist. However, she was willing to appeal to the “law on regulations” (All Writs Act) of 1789. After just a few hours after sending the request of the Ministry of justice was signed by the court. After this new York city investigator took smartphone into the headquarters of Apple in California, where he was “uncovered” in his presence by the company’s engineers.

Apple’s behavior has changed since 2013, when former NSA employee Edward Snowden disclosed the surveillance programs of the NSA for the citizens of the United States and other countries. Since then the company has increased the level of protection products and began to treat the requests of the authorities more skeptical, notes the WSJ. So, the newspaper writes about 13 cases of refusal to cooperate with the Corporation.

In mid-February of this year Apple lost the FBI, the court of first instance, but refused to obey the request of the intelligence services and create the so-called back door for hacking the iPhone. We are talking about the workaround introduced in 2014, the mechanism that locks the device after repeated incorrect entry of the access code.

The U.S. government demanded the Corporation to unlock iPhone terrorist Saeed Farooq, who along with his wife killed 14 people in San Bernardino in December 2015. Later, the lawsuit against Apple was revoked, as law enforcement agencies announced that they could open the smartphone with the help of a third party and is already looking into the information from the device.