Cameron talked about “not the best week” because of the offshore scandal

The Prime Minister of great Britain David Cameron said that he would behave better in the situation related to the disclosure of information about offshore company of his father. Speaking at a forum of the Conservative party, he called not to blame that the employees of his office.

“It wasn’t my best week, — quotes Cameron the Guardian. — I’d better behave in this situation. I know I got the lessons you need to learn, and I learn them. Don’t blame the employees of my office or nameless advisers, blame me.”

The Prime Minister admitted that he was very angry, hearing what they say about his father. “I love my dad and miss him every day. He was a great dad and I’m very proud of what he did,” said the British leader. Thus, according to him, he shouldn’t have let this “darker picture”.

“The facts are that I bought shares of the [offshore] Fund… and paid taxes as usual. I sold these securities and all shares that I had before becoming Prime Minister,” said Cameron. He promised to soon publish the documents on payment of taxes for all the years. “I will become the first Prime Minister and the first leader of a major political party that did this, but I think this is right,” he said

After the publication of “the Panama papers” that mentioned the name of Ian Cameron, father of the Prime Minister, his office several times gave contradictory comments. The office first said that this issue is a “private matter”, and then that the head of government has no shares in the company. David Cameron later said that he does not own any shares.

However, on Thursday the Prime Minister admitted that he and his dad owned a stake in Blairmore Investment Trust, which was sold in January 2010 for around £30 thousand, He added that he paid income tax. Cameron also said that after his father’s death he received £300 million in an inheritance, but unknown to him, from an offshore source the money or not.