Police arrested key suspect in Brussels terrorist attack

Mohammed Arini, who is a key suspect in the terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels, were detained. This information was confirmed by the Federal Prosecutor of Belgium, reports Reuters.

Now the office finds out whether Arini “man in the hat”, whose video surveillance camera recorded together with two suicide bombers at the airport of Brussels. Together with him the police detained four more people. One of them, according to prosecutors, helped the terrorists in Brussels.

According to local media, the Agency said, Abrin detained in the commune of Anderlecht near Molenbeek, where many Islamist militants.

31-year-old Abrina was previously seen at a service station on the way from Belgium to Paris, where he was with another suspect in the Paris terrorist attacks — Salah Abdessalam. Two days later the car in which they rode, were used in the terrorist attacks in the French capital.

Abrin and Abdeslam, said the Prosecutor’s office, also rented an apartment used by suicide bombers in Paris. In addition, Abrin prints and his DNA were found in two apartments in Brussels, including the one from which militants took a taxi to the airport, where two of the three explosions on March 22. Later it turned out that it made the Islamists bomb.

About the arrest of Abrin previously reported by the VRT. The TV channel pointed out that he was a man in a hat who was at the airport Zaventem. According to VRT, the police also detained one terrorist Osama karema, seen together with the suicide bomber, Khalid Batrawi, which staged the attack in the Brussels metro. The Prosecutor’s office tonight confirmed the arrest of Osama K., reports the Associated Press. He used a false name to Naim al-Ahmad. According to the authorities, he bought at the Mall bags that were used in the Brussels terrorist attacks.

On 22 March in Brussels was rocked by three explosions — two at the airport and one at the metro station “Maelbeek”. According to investigators, the terrorist attack at the airport arranged Brahim al-Najim Bachraoui and Lasref. The metro blast, according to authorities, he had a brother Brahim al-Khalid Batrawi. The attacks killed more than 30 people, responsibility for them was assumed banned in Russia “Islamic state”.