The FBI said there is no method of breaking the new iPhone

The method by which the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) cracked iPhone 5C terrorist Sayed Farouk, does not work for newer models of smartphone from Apple — iPhone 5S, 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus and SE. On this April 7 reported FBI Director James Comey during a speech at Kenyon College, reports the portal Wired.

Farooq, who along with his wife killed 14 people in San Bernardino in early December 2015 and was killed during a police RAID, was left in the car on the site of the massacre iPhone 5C with iOS 9.

Komi did not disclose any details about the attackers or the amount that the state pay for the technology. According to the head of the intelligence services, the method was developed by the structure, which prefers to remain anonymous. The FBI believe that the secret service will be able to avoid data leakage and to maintain the technology hacking in secret. The head of the secret service also noted that the FBI has not yet decided whether to share his discovery with Apple, because the company can fix the detected vulnerability and close the loophole for investigators.

Komi in a speech before the students calmed down the owners of newer iPhone models. “We went into a technological dead end, because the world has already moved on to “six” (the sixth generation of the iPhone. — ), — said the Director of the FBI. — Our method on the “sixes”, and even on the iPhone 5S, does not work. We have the means to access data in a very narrow segment of smartphones”.

Apple CEO Tim cook explained that the iPhone maker feared mass law enforcement Agency in the mechanism of bypassing encryption on the iPhone, which the company interpreted as a violation of constitutional rights and freedoms of U.S. citizens.

April 5, messenger WhatsApp, the social network owned by Facebook, announced the start of full data encryption to protect their users from potential attacks of the authorities, similar to the case Apple and the FBI.

Hacking the encryption device the FBI sought from Apple for several months. In mid-February, 2016 the secret service and the U.S. justice Department even won the manufacturer, the court of first instance, but Apple appealed against this ruling. At the end of March the authorities have withdrawn the claim, having managed to get around the system of data protection in the smartphone without Apple’s help.