The first Falcon 9 rocket successfully landed on a floating platform

The company SpaceX was the first to make a vertical landing of the first stage of the rocket Falcon 9 on a floating platform in the ocean. The missile was launched from the spaceport at Cape Canaveral at 23:43 Moscow time on Friday, April 8.

After separation from the cargo ship Dragon, which headed for the International space station, the rocket successfully made a vertical landing on a floating platform.

Return the first stage separated after about two and a half minutes after launch, and then carried out a controlled descent. After 8 minutes 40 seconds after launch the missile was first successfully descended on a landing platform, floating in the Atlantic ocean 300 kilometres North-East of Cape Canaveral.

The company Rasah led the live broadcast of the launch and landing of the rocket.

Video feed of the launch of the Falcon 9 rocket launch Video of the Falcon 9 rocket Video: SpaceX

NASA congratulated the company SpaceX and its CEO Elon musk. “That’s the way you land and send Dragon to the ISS!” — it is reported in Twitter of the Agency.

This year Rasah made two failed landing returned to the stage of the carrier rocket Falcon 9 on a floating platform. In January when landing broke one of the supports, 4 March rocket when landing collapsed.

In December the company succeeded for the first time to land reusable first stage on the ground after the withdrawal of payload into orbit.