The Russian army had experienced in Syria military online

Units of the Russian armed forces have experienced military high-speed Internet and communications systems of the last generation during the antiterrorist operation in Syria, reports TASS news Agency. Technology developer — United instrument Corporation (OPK; controls more than 60 companies and organizations), part of state Corporation rostec and specializes in the manufacture of products in the field of systems and means of communication, automated control systems, electronic warfare and robotic systems.

“In Syria (Syrian Arab Republic) was a test of the new ground of communication techniques in a real combat operation. Was used, in particular, tactical complexes of P-169 and P-380К. This is a digital means using the communication technologies of the last generation,” — said the representative of DIC (quoted by TASS). He explained that these complexes provide units in a single information field, in particular, allow you to install a high-speed connection. Reviews with positive tests received, the system recognized as “reliable and efficient, corresponding to the requirements of a modern army”, said the representative of the defence industry.

The military operation of Russia in Syria took five and a half months: the Federation Council approved the introduction of troops on 30 September 2015 and 14 March, President Vladimir Putin announced the withdrawal of “basic troops” from the territory of the Republic.

In the middle Eastern country there are only a limited contingent of the armed forces. During the operation, according to the defense Ministry, it was released more than 10 thousand square kilometers of territory, more than 200 localities came under the control of the government. It was attended by almost all modern Russian weapons. The total cost of the operation Putin has estimated at 33 billion rubles.

In 2012, the representative of the Western military district (ZVO) talked about the test during the exercise, troops “Military web” that United the military units of the country — from Kaliningrad to Nizhny Novgorod and from Severomorsk to Voronezh. “In addition to the classic channels of communication to officials of the WMD available modern specialized electronic communications networks, to control troops in real time, instantly send various text documents, but also photos and video files of unlimited size”, — reported then in an official statement of the WMD.

“Military web” has a high degree of protection against external influences and enables the exchange of information with a guaranteed degree of protection. Military online also allows you to conduct video commanders and chiefs held anywhere in the call — for example, video links with the crews of the ships, performing tasks in the World ocean, followed from the message of the military. During the exercise tested how the performance of the communication system during the attacks, and the reliability of the masking deployment of nodes, communication lines and control points.