The white house gathered several times to increase its military commitment in Syria

As reported by CNN, a Pentagon source, the administration of Barack Obama, on the proposal of the Ministry of defense intends to send to Syria 250 military personnel who will advise the enemy troops Bashara Assad. Their task will be the preparation of the offensive to liberate Raqqa, the militants of the “Islamic state” (banned in Russia as a terrorist organization) they consider to be their capital.

Currently in Syria there are about 50 American soldiers. They are mostly stationed away from the front lines, advising the insurgents.

The need of the offensive against the terrorists declared Barack Obama at a meeting with Pentagon in the middle of this week.

Initially, the CNN sources said that the American forces in Syria will be extended by a few dozen people, but then these pany were changed.

The broadcaster also reported on the possibility of sending additional American forces to Iraq, where the government army is preparing an operation to free the terrorists from the city of Mosul.