Britain has decided to resume the patrolling of the Arctic submarines

Seven shock submarines of the Royal Navy of great Britain for the first time since 2007, will resume patrols of the Arctic, writes The Sunday Times. The exact start date of the patrol is not reported, but the publication notes that the British sailors will prepare to swim in the Arctic in conditions of thick ice cover.

As told by rear Admiral John will, two officers of the British Navy have already passed the joint U.S. sailors training on the American submarine. According to him, their goal was to find techniques for safe diving under the ice, because in these conditions, significantly complicated the work of GPS and acoustic positioning devices.

The rear Admiral said that this workout was “a key step to reclaiming our shock submarines on under-ice fighting space”.

The newspaper reminds that during the cold war submarines of the US and the UK conducted campaigns under the ice and “playing cat and mouse” submarines of the USSR in the Arctic. After the end of cold war British submarines continued to patrol these areas until 2007 the Premier League Tireless explosion occurred, resulting in the deaths of two British sailor.

The publication notes that with decreasing area of ice cover in the Arctic, Russia has been increasingly active steps to control the potentially huge oil and gas reserves in the region.