Customs officers explained the suspension of transit of Ukrainian sweets

As told radio station RSN the head of Department on public relations of the Central customs office of Federal customs service Catherine Antiparah, the transit of confectionary products from Ukraine to Central Asia was closed at the initiative of Rospotrebnadzor.

According to Anchipolovsky, a letter of explanation from the CPS came last week. It is based on it was issued a decree on the suspension of transit of confectionery products from Ukraine through Russia. According to Anchipolovsky, in the letter of Rospotrebnadzor clarified that restrictions apply including on the transit of goods to other countries via Russia.

In the CPS, in turn, explained that no further action was taken, according to the Agency TASS with reference to the press service of the Ministry. There indicated that candy from the Ukraine banned a long time ago and to Russia should not enter, including as a transit cargo.

The Ministry recalled that the ban on supplies to Russia of products of the Ukrainian confectionery “Roshen” was introduced in July 2013, in September 2014, a ban was imposed on the import of all confectionery products of two other Ukrainian producers — AVK and Konti because of violation of requirements of legislation in the field of consumer protection.

Earlier on Saturday, the Chairman of the Association of manufacturers of confectionery, food concentrates and krakhmalopatochnyi industries of Ukraine, “Ukrkondprom” Alexander Baldynyuk said that Russia launched back cars with Ukrainian confectionery products are coming by transit to Central Asia.

Prior to this, the Association of international road carriers of Ukraine stated that on the Russian territory were detained about 20 cars with confectionery from Ukraine and transiting in Georgia and Azerbaijan.

In a press release the cause of the incident is called a letter of Rosportebnadzora a ban on the import to Russia of confectionery products of Ukrainian companies Konti and AVK. The detention took place at a checkpoint Verkhny Lars checkpoint near the Georgian border.