Odessa police with batons and gas repelled the attack on Pro-Russian activists

As reports the edition “Duma”, the first clashes in Odessa liberation Day from German-Romanian invaders occurred on the walk of Fame, which came to about 200 people with St. George ribbons. There there were representatives of nationalist organizations, including the Svoboda party. After the clothing of one of the participants was foiled ribbon and a fight broke out. The case involved police officers who detained two people from each side.

After that activists with St. George ribbons moved to the House of trade unions in the square Kulikovo field, where they clashed with supporters of radical organizations. The police and soldiers of the National guard surrounded the defenders with shields and batons repelled the attack of radicals. To disperse the attackers was used including tear gas.

In other districts of the Odessa holiday passed without incident. Dozens of people, including city leaders laid flowers to the monument of the fallen for the liberation of the city, and boats of the Ukrainian Navy in the sea gave a solemn salute. Also the mariners floated a wreath in memory of fallen soldiers.

Odessa was liberated on April 9-10, forces of the 3rd Ukrainian front under the command of General Rodion Malinovsky. As a result, the German-Romanian troops lost more than 20 thousand people killed and retreated behind the Dniester river.