Roldugin told about received from patrons share in the business

In interview to the program “Vesti Nedeli” Roldugin said that most of his life was asking billionaires to support culture. “At some point, patrons have offered Sergei Roldugin a small stake in the business, not to beg, and to have their own money to support the great Russian school of music”, — said in the story.

In the story, which was released on TV channel “Russia 1”, Roldugin told about how it was saved from the destruction of the Alexeevsky Palace in St. Petersburg, which later housed the St. Petersburg house of music. “I wanted to have the best tools, the best professors, the best facilities. It costs a fortune. And I went and asked for,” he explained. On the air “Russia 1” Roldugin said that in the House of music is the cello of Stradivari, which is worth many millions of dollars, the cello Gofriller the end of the seventeenth century.

According to Roldugin, he learned about the fact that is a billionaire, after the publication “the Panama document”. Roldugin, who is familiar with Putin since 1977 and baptized his elder daughter, admits that this knowledge helps him to support the Russian culture. “Probably, says the Roldugin, this knowledge helps ensure that the culture in Russia willing to support the business,” — said in the program.

Earlier answering the question of “Novaya Gazeta” about the transactions related to offshore companies, roldughin responded that “has been associated with this business long, long ago, before perestroika”. “And then it began to develop, and we’ve got such things here. With this money, including subsidized House music,” he added.

Before the publication of “the Panama document” the only known asset Roldugin were 3.2% of the shares of the Bank “Russia”, where the company to make him a Yuri Kovalchuk, Gennady Timchenko, Nikolai Shamalov, Alexey Mordashov and others. This Bank was subjected to sanctions of the USA in 2014, the Obama administration called it a “personal Bank for a narrow circle of” close to Putin people. earlier it was estimated the share in this Bank Roldugin 550 million rubles.

Vladimir Putin, commenting on the publication “the Panama document” surfaced and in them the name Roldugin, said the lack of corruption. “As for Roldugin, he’s not just some musician, he’s a brilliant musician. Many creative people in Russia are trying to do business. As far as I know, he does too. What’s his business? He was a minority shareholder in one of our companies. It is something they earned, and it’s not billions of dollars, billions is absolute rubbish,” said Putin.

In early April, the international consortium of investigative journalism (ICIJ) and the Center for the study of corruption and organized crime (OCCRP) published an investigation about the international network of offshore companies. It is based on the Panamanian legal documents of the company Mossack Fonseca.

In particular, in materials ICIJ and OCCRP appears Roldugin. According to the documents, wrote “Novaya Gazeta”, Roldugin was the owner Sonnette Overseas with the British virgin Islands and International Media Overseas (IMO) from Panama. The publication noted that each of these offshore companies had their own role. Alone without the security of “hundreds of millions of dollars” from Cypriot Bank RCB, a significant proportion of which belongs to state Bank VTB, and then distributed these funds to other companies for various needs. Other offshore companies were used to control large blocks of shares in Russian enterprises. Still others played the role of technical firms, which were run through money or written off unrecoverable debts, claimed edition.

Later Cypriot Bank RCB commented on the investigation. “Regardless of any claims of the persons or companies mentioned in the investigation, RCB Bank Ltd has never provided and does not provide unsecured loans. Moreover, when granting loans, the Bank performs all the necessary procedures and, in particular, has a full understanding of the purposes of planned transactions”, — said in a statement the Bank sent. RCB Bank was particularly specified that Roldugin has never been a customer of the Bank, neither as an individual nor as the beneficiary of any company.