RTR called Navalny a paid agent of Browder

In the fragment of the film “Russia-1” has promised to show on Wednesday, allegedly due to a former head of security services Berezovsky Sergei Sokolov were exported to Russia the mail server who allegedly encouraged its agents the curators of the CIA. On servers, according to Sokolov, there is correspondence Alexey Navalny with William Browder.

The film tells about the fact that in 2007 the agent “Solomon”, which, according to RTR, is associated with the British secret service in Browder, started cooperation with Navalny, who got the nickname “freedom” to “operation Tremor” to undermine the constitutional order in Russia. The operation was allegedly developed by the CIA in 1986.

It is alleged that the Bulk Browder persuaded to engage in “greenmail”, “become a hero of minority shareholders and make yourself reputational capital”. To begin with, the head of Hermitage Capital has allegedly provided Bulk materials by VTB. Money (100 million rubles) opposition, according to the authors of the plot, was received by Vladimir Ashurkov, which was introduced Browder. Money was transferred through Moscow Helsinki group.

It is also alleged that the head of Hermitage Capital asked for Navalny to disseminate information about the arrest of lawyer Sergei Magnitsky. They claim the cessation of any medical assistance to Magnitsky (who died in the end in a hospital jail “sailor’s silence”) was organized through an agent of the British secret services.

In 2010, according to the plot of TV channel “Russia”, Navalny received $300 thousand to help ‘Magnitsky list’ for “undermining citizens’ trust in judicial and law enforcement system”.

It is claimed that Browder in correspondence insisted on the participation of Navalny in the protest actions after the elections, indicating the importance of financial scandals.

By Navalny himself, commenting on the plot of the TV channel “Russia” on his page, called it a “new peak”. According to him, all conversations with Browder were invented by the author of the story. “Undercover nickname I came up with a beautiful agent of Freedom”, added the oppositionist.

In conversation with Navalny expressed hope that after showing the plot of the TV channel “Russia-1” against him will be prosecuted. “I with pleasure will take part in the process where evidence is “CIA documents” with mistakes in English, the shooting of the office of the FBC with the caption “Kiev, Ukraine” and the conversation of some people, where “the voice of Navalny” not even trying to be like mine,” said Navalny. He said that on Monday, April 11, the story will examine the lawyers of FBK, then will decide about whether to file a lawsuit on protection of honor and dignity.

The head of the Moscow Helsinki group Lyudmila Alekseeva said the Agency “RIA Novosti” that he never gave any money to Navalny. We received grants for our work, and anyone we gave or transferred, this has never happened, not a single penny, either before 2008 or after. We just don’t deal with financial transactions, we are not a Bank,” she added.