The terrorists have conducted bombings in Brussels due to the activity of special services of France

The terrorists who staged the attacks in March in Brussels, initially prepared a second attack on France, reports Associated Press with reference to the Prosecutor’s office of Belgium.

The criminals were “amazed by the speed of progress of the ongoing investigation” and therefore decided to arrange the attack in Brussels, said in a statement the Prosecutor’s office. Other details of the office are not reported.

The Agency notes that the statement confirmed long-standing suspicion: a series of arrests and raids conducted in Brussels a week before the terrorist attacks, and the arrest of a key suspect in the terrorist attacks in Paris Salah of Abdeslam, pushed the terrorists to take decisive action.

On 22 March in Brussels was rocked by three explosions — two at the airport and another in the subway. According to the investigation, terrorist attacks staged by the brothers Brahim and Haleb al-Najim Bachraoui and Lasref. As a result of these attacks killed more than 30 people. Responsibility for the explosion took banned in Russia grouping “Islamic state”.

A few days before this, on 18 March, in Brussels, was detained Salah Abdeslam — the main suspect in the Paris terrorist attacks. 13 November 2015, three terrorists detonated a suicide belt near the stadium “Stade de France”, another group attacked visitors to cafes and restaurants. Three militants took hostages in the concert hall “Bataclan” during the concert. These attacks claimed the lives of 130 people. As admitted later Abdeslam, it also came with a suicide vest on “Stade de France”, but at the last minute decided not to blow himself up.

On 8 April, the Belgium Prosecutor’s office announced the arrest of another suspect — Mohammed, Abrin, which was probably the “man in Panama”, seen together with the bombings at the Brussels airport shortly before the explosions.